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10 Facts about Synchronicity and Meaningful Coincidences

10 Facts about Synchronicity and Meaningful Coincidences
  1. You can generate meaningful synchronicity events intentionally
  2. There are actually tools and exercises for creating a Déjà vu or synchronistic experience in your life
  3. Tarot cards are in fact tools for communicating with your subconscious
  4. Synchronicities are a mirror of our thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions projected in our environment
  5. Synchronicities are tiny bits of “Satori” or “enlightenment”
  6. Synchronicity shows us we are all connected and one with our environment
  7. Our thoughts actually create events in our environment
  8. Whatever you believe in, will manifest in your environment as a synchronicity and prove you right
  9. The brain is the universe’s largest known supercomputer and can modify your experience of the environment
  10. The world you perceive as real is actually a hallucination

For more information about Synchronicity read SuperConsciousness recent exclusive interview with Dr Kirby Surprise.

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