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10 Thing You Should Know to Avoid Being Scammed by a Psychic

10 Thing You Should Know to Avoid Being Scammed by a Psychic

Most psychics are very well intentioned and compassionate people. They are completely dedicated to helping others. Unfortunately, many psychic development courses focus too much on becoming psychic and not enough on the professional and transformation skills required.

Many of these “old school” psychics are not fully conversant with the laws of karma, how the universe works, and the difference between destiny and free will. Despite all their good intentions they can subtly disempower their clients. Leaving them to live out self-fulfilling prophesies that they, the psychic, predicted for them. All too often they offer little more than positive thinking, affirmations and ineffective pop psychology.

However, there is a new breed of psychics that focus on assisting you to create your future not predict what you have already created. This new breed of psychics have gone right back to basics and applied a combination of the latest psychological understanding of the mind with ancient internal alchemy to turn out clients who are empowered, strong, confident and can go out into the world to fully embody their life’s purpose.

Psychic abilities are a fabulous asset to pinpointing the root of the problem and the cause of problems. Their insight is invaluable to help you navigate your life’s path.

So if you’re thinking about having a reading here are some things you must know beforehand so that you can avoid being scammed by their skills and your reading.

1. Know what you want to get from the reading

What’s your real reason for seeing a psychic? Do you want practical solutions to a specific problem? Or are you looking for entertainment, to be WOWED by how accurate they are? Do you seek something beyond physical reality? Be brutally honest with yourself. By knowing yourself and what you want, you are more likely to find it.

2. Ask the right questions BEFORE

Before you even sit down at their table, or book a reading, ask some questions. What kind of psychic are they? Do they know some transformation techniques, or do they just give you a prediction? Can they help you solve problem? Most importantly do they predict your future, or help you to create it?

3. Know what to ask and what NOT to ask

Have a clear idea of what you want in your life and use your psychic to help you create it. A good psychic will be able to do this and will be able to assist you to avoid problems with specific and detailed suggestions. These will always be framed as options, or choices and not things you must do. Certain questions such as ‘When will ‘x’ happen?’ or, ‘Will ‘x’ happen?’ are the types of questions that disempower you. They turn you into a victim of circumstances or other’s actions. You are the captain of your ship and in complete control of your life. In fact, most people are truly terrified of just how much control they really do have over their lives, so they pretend they are a victim to fate and circumstance.

4. Do NOT ask for advice or which choice to take

A good psychic who knows the laws of karma wouldn’t give it anyway. Asking what decision to take will disempower you. Instead, ask your psychic to look out into the future at the two options you are considering. Gather the information about the outcome and then use it to make a more informed choice.

5. Watch out for psychics who predict the future

Particularly predictions that take away your free will. You are creating your future all the time, it’s not fixed. Nothing at all is fixed. You can change it all. So if they say, “I see this happening”, or “I see you doing ……” they are only predicting what you are currently creating. A good psychic will know this and will say something like, “your current actions and thoughts are creating this….. as a possible outcome in your future. Is that what you want?” They will then work with you to create what you DO want.

6. Avoid psychics who don’t ask you the right questions

Or who don’t want you to tell them anything about you. They are often trying to prove their abilities. When they are doing this they may ask leading questions, “does that mean anything to you?” and then make further guesses. This isn’t particularly helpful as the information they get “right” you already know. It’s far more empowering for you to learn something you DON’T know. A psychic who is intent on empowering you, will ask YOU lots of very detailed and specific questions, and they will tell you that they’re going to do this first. They want to get a full understanding of how you experience your problem, so that they can fill in the gaps with solutions and insights that you had missed.

7. Understand the laws of karma.

First of all there’s more than one law of karma. Karma is actually very misunderstood, there’s a big myth about it being little more than crime and punishment. At its root it’s about cause and effect. Everything that you are experiencing now is a result of past actions, words, thoughts and choices. You are not being punished for your past actions, but BY choosing them. A good, high level psychic will work to empower you, to identify how your situation (the effect you’re currently experiencing ) was “caused”, and to help you to create or cause an effect you DO like and choose.

8. Empowerment

A psychic who tries to impress you with their knowledge or spiritual “gifts”, or subtly disempowers in any way will be breaking the laws of karma. They might tell you that they have a “gift” that you don’t have, or they know things about you that you don’t know.

It is disempowering and illegal for psychics to contact you saying they have a “message for you” that you will have to pay them to get, or that “you need a reading now!”

Other ways of disempowering you is to say that you shouldn’t work with any other therapist or psychic whilst you are working with them. Some even say that you shouldn’t tell anyone about what they have said, or the work you are doing with them.

9. You should feel better not worse

If a psychic leaves you feeling worse or uncomfortable then they may have disempowered you. But also note that sometimes facing the truth can be challenging. So if you feel bad because they have told you a truth you would rather lie to yourself about, you will be disempowering yourself. You should leave feeling that you have more possibilities not less, even if sometimes this might feel daunting to begin with.

10. What is their training?

A good psychic will usually have had training in a healing, coaching, or therapy of some kind. Psychic abilities on their own have limited use. They give you more information not necessarily transformation. If you really want to turn information into profound life changing transformation, then look for a psychic who is trained in some kind of coaching or therapy. NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy are good ones to look out for, as they are well proven and not exclusive. That is they don’t claim to be the “only way” and are accepting of other beliefs.

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