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SuperConsciousness Media – THE VOICE for Human Potential


SuperConsciousness is created by a team of people who have chosen to consciously embark on a journey of spiritual knowledge, self-awareness, and ultimate self-responsibility. We don’t pretend to be gurus or have answers for anyone else: We’re having fun simply discovering them for ourselves. What you can count on is that we are passionate about human evolution, making known the unknown, and bringing you solid evidence showing that we all possess the innate capacity to create an outrageous life beyond our wildest imaginations.

In each issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine, we bring twelve to fifteen diverse voices, leaders in the field of human potential and spirituality as well as researchers, scientists, clinicians, artists, thinkers and doers of all stripes. Together, they contribute unique and valuable perspectives and provide a comprehensive vision for each issue’s focus. In addition, our inspired content includes everything from editorial blogs and cutting edge news shorts to things that make us laugh, and many of those magazine articles are available on this website for your enjoyment.

And that’s not all! We’ve created a new forum – the SC Community: Ideas that Matter – so that you can interact with fellow readers who are also interested in their innate potential. While there, you can post your events, exchange ideas, and join in our regularly featured topics of discussion. Come on in and stay awhile!

Welcome to our new SuperConsciousness Website. Share this knowledge with friends and family through print or digital subscriptions, and be sure to visit and support the businesses located in our Resource Directory. We are delighted that you have found us and hope you find the information as inspiring and valuable as we do.

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