How Present Are You?

As the saying goes, no time like the present. But how “in the moment” are you really? Find out here. For more articles about “Humor”, Click Here During conversation, I generally: talk on my cell phone take the opportunity to check out passersby stare unblinkingly into th...[Read More]

Into the Breach

At first glance, there’s nothing too amusing about racial profiling, illegal detention or the ongoing erosion of civil liberties; but for Iranian American comedian and actor Maz Jobrani, such issues are grist for the mill. As a member of the Axis of Evil comedy tour, Jobrani address...[Read More]

Are You a Genius?

Are You a Genius? Take this Handy Quiz to Find Out. For more articles about “Humor”, Click Here What best describes your relationship to school? I am a child prodigy and attract widespread envy My teachers think I’m slow School? I gave up on that a long time ago My unive...[Read More]

Pharmaceuticals of the Future

Cartoonist Dan Berger shows how the evolution of pharmaceuticals might occur.   For more articles about “Humor”, Click Here

A Typical Day in Quantum History Class

The creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shows what school might look like according to the many worlds theory. For more articles about “Humor”, Click Here This article appeared in the SPRING 2010 ISSUE, Click Here to Order Subscribe Now and get instant access to our ...[Read More]

Halliburton Solves Global Warming

SurvivaBalls save managers from abrupt climate change. An advanced new technology will keep corporate managers safe even when climate change makes life as we know it impossible. “The SurvivaBall is designed to protect the corporate manager no matter what Mother Nature throws his or ...[Read More]

Larry Gonick’s Mind Controlled Device

The renowned illustrator of “The Cartoon History of the Universe” series takes a lighthearted look at what happens when our technology outstrips our ability to manage our thoughts. For more articles about “Humor”, Click Here

From Religion to Spirituality

Dr. Miceal Ledwith achieved distinction as a catholic theologian who received international recognition for academic and professional accomplishment: An esteemed professor of Systemic Theology, president of the University at Maynooth, Ireland, and fulfilling a seventeen year appoint...[Read More]

The Winds of Change in the Arab Spring

The peaceful protests that brought down old rulers and crippling regimes during the revolutions of the Arab Spring a few years ago caught the whole world’s attention. What seemed so impossible to bring to its knees and change in the region became a matter of coming together and unit...[Read More]

Spiritual Hitchhiker

How does a husband, a father, a pastor – a person responsible for the well-being of so many others – tread the path of his own spiritual awakening? Princeton Theological Seminary graduate Paul Rademacher took on such a journey. In his autobiography, A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to...[Read More]

Using Mindfulness to Shape Our Global Brain

One of the core concepts behind SuperConsciousness is that we are inextricably connected with everything around us. Over the years, we have written articles and interviews that attempt to show how our thoughts and actions affect our body and the environment. Becoming aware of this a...[Read More]

Are You Speaking about Science Fiction or Science Fact? 

We live in exciting times of great discoveries in all areas of science. The last ten years have been revolutionary in significant areas of medicine, genetics, neuroscience, as well as physics, alternative sources of energy, astrophysics and the world of the very tiny, quantum physic...[Read More]

Becoming Your Own Vicar

While working a hospital shift, I chanced upon a seminary colleague with whom I had been ordained 25 years prior; he was visiting a church member in the emergency department. We had been in touch infrequently over the preceding few years, so this unanticipated reunion was an occasio...[Read More]

All You Have to Do Is Ask and You Shall Receive – Really?

News continue to make headlines around the world about the critical state of our economic system and its devastating threatening collapse in entire countries, such as we have seen in Europe, as well as America. Everyone can see that our current economic system may well be on the ver...[Read More]

Fighting for Our Conscious Evolution in a Chaotic and Changing World

The times of Charles Darwin, one hundred and fifty years ago, and the beginnings of the theory of evolution of the species, were critical and chaotic times of change in our society. Many people were appalled at the suggestion that we evolved out of primates and not directly from cla...[Read More]

The Divine in the Simplicity of the Human

We live in an age where much progress in all areas of life and our understanding of the world and our place in it has been accomplished, if we were to look back and compare it to even 100 years ago. Yet, there’s still much disagreement as to what it means to be human, who gets inclu...[Read More]

September 2007 Issue

The Journey of Redefining Genius Out of Shadows: Women’s Emerging Genius Educating Little Geniuses Passion Presence and Timelessness Are You a Genius?

November 2007 Issue

Beyond Tyranny: Women of the Future Lifting the Veil Interview with Amy Goodman Nurturing Ourselves Into a New Science Restoring Rainier

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