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Becoming Your Own Vicar

While working a hospital shift, I chanced upon a seminary colleague with whom I had been ordained 25 years prior; he was visiting a church member in the emergency department. We had been in touch infrequently over the preceding few years, so this unanticipated reunion w...

All You Have to Do Is Ask and You Shall Receive – Really?

News continue to make headlines around the world about the critical state of our economic system and its devastating threatening collapse in entire countries, such as we have seen in Europe, as well as America. Everyone can see that our current economic system may well ...

Fighting for Our Conscious Evolution in a Chaotic and Changing World

The times of Charles Darwin, one hundred and fifty years ago, and the beginnings of the theory of evolution of the species, were critical and chaotic times of change in our society. Many people were appalled at the suggestion that we evolved out of primates and not dire...

The Divine in the Simplicity of the Human

We live in an age where much progress in all areas of life and our understanding of the world and our place in it has been accomplished, if we were to look back and compare it to even 100 years ago. Yet, there’s still much disagreement as to what it means to be human, w...

September 2007 Issue

The Journey of Redefining Genius Out of Shadows: Women’s Emerging Genius Educating Little Geniuses Passion Presence and Timelessness Are You a Genius?

November 2007 Issue

Beyond Tyranny: Women of the Future Lifting the Veil Interview with Amy Goodman Nurturing Ourselves Into a New Science Restoring Rainier

January 2008 Issue

Part 1: Culture Shock Future Science: The Future of Science Time The Secret of Creating Soil Interview with JZ Knight Mind Marvels Click here to subscribe to SuperConsciousness Magazine

March 2008 Issue

Losing Connection Let it Show Babes in Belts Training Teaches Future Science: As Wise as Mosquitoes Playing for Time Click here to subscribe to SuperConsciousness Magazine

May 2008 Issue

Laughing Matters Laughter for the Spirituality Incorrect Saving Puget Sound The Weeds Are Greener…On the Sidewalk? Predictions and Reality – Not So Similar Click here to subscribe to SuperConsciousness Magazine

July 2008 Issue

A Brief History of Oil Commonalities Among the Long-Lived? Evolution Made Easy Music: A Bridge Building for the Brain A Solar Aircraft: One Step Closer to Flight

September 2008 Issue

Introduction to Creating Your Destiny Mind Power: Two Stories of Will, Focus and Healing Life Beyond Addiction Abstinence Only? Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton The Smile of Her Baby Does a Mother Good

Out of the Shadows

Any study of genius inevitably leads to an uncomfortable question: where are the women? Where are the female Mozarts, the Teslas and the Rembrandts? The fact that half of humanity is mostly missing from this equation eventually bothers us, and it should. Either we accep...

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