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September 2008 Issue

Introduction to Creating Your Destiny Mind Power: Two Stories of Will, Focus and Healing Life Beyond Addiction Abstinence Only? Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton The Smile of Her Baby Does a Mother Good

Out of the Shadows

Any study of genius inevitably leads to an uncomfortable question: where are the women? Where are the female Mozarts, the Teslas and the Rembrandts? The fact that half of humanity is mostly missing from this equation eventually bothers us, and it should. Either we accep...

Real Wealth

Macrohistorian” is a term used to describe thinkers whose study encompasses the totality of human events, from our earliest beginnings to modern times, in search of patterns and laws of social change. Riane Eisler is such a thinker, one whose ideas have the potential to...

What Being Psychic Means

The word psychic tends to be a scary, emotionally loaded word, and no one wants to be associated with it, even those who make a living by exploring the depths of their mind to access information beyond the five senses. Instead of psychic, many choose words with similar ...

November 2008 Issue

Peace Works Musician Gives Peace a Chance Interview with Nobel Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai Hopes For Peace? Children as Peacemakers

February 2009 Issue

Aspiring Art Creative Fire Sacred Art from Around the World Art’s Hidden History Ancient Symbols Revealed

April/May 2009 Issue

Wealth, Wisdom & The Future The Value of Partnership Interviews with Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia Interviews with Dr. Gregory Berns Neuroeconomics

June/July 2009 Issue

Evolving Our Aqareness of Nature Rebel Observers True Healing Beyond Medicine and Interview with Veterinarian Dr. Louie Enos.

Interview with Amy Goodman

There are those who function within the status quo, those who challenge it, and those who transcend it altogether. Amy Goodman is in the final category. In this era of corporate-controlled news and spin, Goodman is an anomaly: a true journalist and storyteller, committe...

Future Minds: Interview with Harvard Professor Howard Gardner

In educational circles, Harvard developmental psychologist Howard Gardner is something of a rock star. His theory of multiple intelligences challenged the conventional wisdom regarding IQ and fundamentally transformed the way intelligence is understood. By dividing inte...

Sustainable Designs in Society

Enough. It’s a simple word, but one that is rarely explored in western culture, where runaway consumption is the norm and overspending is actively encouraged. How much do we really need, and what opportunities are available to us in this time of economic chaos? Dave Wan...

Fall 2009 Issue

Transforming Music And much more!

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