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September 2007 Issue

The Journey of Redefining Genius Out of Shadows: Women’s Emerging Genius Educating Little Geniuses Passion Presence and Timelessness Are You a Genius?

November 2007 Issue

Beyond Tyranny: Women of the Future Lifting the Veil Interview with Amy Goodman Nurturing Ourselves Into a New Science Restoring Rainier

January 2008 Issue

Part 1: Culture Shock Future Science: The Future of Science Time The Secret of Creating Soil Interview with JZ Knight Mind Marvels Click here to subscribe to SuperConsciousness Magazine

March 2008 Issue

Losing Connection Let it Show Babes in Belts Training Teaches Future Science: As Wise as Mosquitoes Playing for Time Click here to subscribe to SuperConsciousness Magazine

May 2008 Issue

Laughing Matters Laughter for the Spirituality Incorrect Saving Puget Sound The Weeds Are Greener…On the Sidewalk? Predictions and Reality – Not So Similar Click here to subscribe to SuperConsciousness Magazine

July 2008 Issue

A Brief History of Oil Commonalities Among the Long-Lived? Evolution Made Easy Music: A Bridge Building for the Brain A Solar Aircraft: One Step Closer to Flight

September 2008 Issue

Introduction to Creating Your Destiny Mind Power: Two Stories of Will, Focus and Healing Life Beyond Addiction Abstinence Only? Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton The Smile of Her Baby Does a Mother Good

November 2008 Issue

Peace Works Musician Gives Peace a Chance Interview with Nobel Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai Hopes For Peace? Children as Peacemakers

February 2009 Issue

Aspiring Art Creative Fire Sacred Art from Around the World Art’s Hidden History Ancient Symbols Revealed

April/May 2009 Issue

Wealth, Wisdom & The Future The Value of Partnership Interviews with Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia Interviews with Dr. Gregory Berns Neuroeconomics

June/July 2009 Issue

Evolving Our Aqareness of Nature Rebel Observers True Healing Beyond Medicine and Interview with Veterinarian Dr. Louie Enos.

Fall 2009 Issue

Transforming Music And much more!

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