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From Physical to Energetic

From Physical to Energetic

Dr. Dan Gleeson of Thunder Bay, Canada, is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill chiropractor. He began training straight out of high school in 1958, and in those days, the methodology was “redneck chiropractics – anything goes” in so much as they utilized every technique available to them.

Despite his extensive and, according to the standards of the time, well-rounded training, by his second year of private practice, he had begun to experience frustration due to the fact that he wasn’t always seeing results. He soon enrolled in post-graduate courses and thus began a lifetime of building his knowledge base. Once he did, he was, as he puts it, “blown away” by what he didn’t know.

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A new level of professional training began with the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) of which he was a founding member. He helped to develop a systematic way to teach what the more progressive members of the group were finding in their clinical practices, thus I began an almost nineteen year span of teaching for the organization, which now has over 8,000 members worldwide.

In the same “redneck – anything goes” spirit, the leadership of ICAK worked collectively to advance their knowledge: They merged their client’s results and the most successful applications would then become integrated into the training curricula.

Traditional kinesiology is a binary question/answer system of interfacing with a patient’s body. A practitioner begins a session by first determining what constitutes a “yes” response and the same for “no” by asking the patient’s body a series of questions. During the course of a visit, all three fundamental, medically related aspects of a person will be queried and addressed: The physical (structural), biochemical (nutritional, hormonal, etc.), and mental/emotional (emotions, attitudes, conscious or unconscious). Once a practitioner has established clear communication with the patient’s body, questions are then shifted to address the specific ailment.

Over time, the system by which several of the IKAC physicians would obtain information from a patient’s body would evolve into kind of shorthand. Gleeson developed this new client/chiropractor communication along with fellow physicians Terry Franks and Alan Beardall. The new and quicker Q&A methodology would simplify the process and enable them to become more effective at addressing the complex issues related to attitudes that were held unconsciously by the client. As one of the leaders who helped to advance this field of chiropractics, Gleeson was impassioned with communicating his ever-advancing knowledge, and soon teaching other physicians became a personal mission. At the same time, he continued to keep himself open for new knowledge while also progressing his clinical practice.

Additionally, Gleeson’s spiritual knowledge and experience increased as a result of his training at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, and so did the depth of his understanding about health and healing. Soon he began to recognize another level of information exchange between himself and his patients that he attributed to the body’s biofield, or, the realms of frequency energy that surrounds the human body. By 2001, he was introduced to an advanced healing system called Matrix Repatterning (MR). The methodology of this technique was consistent with his evolving experiences and he became excited by its possibilities.

For many people, MR is quite abstract and challenging to understand, but it is completely in alignment with the laws of physics: When energy is displaced, it expands. MR recognizes the body as a complex molecular/energetic structure. When injury occurs, the body absorbs the trauma, particularly in the skeleton and fluid filled organs, and those cells go rigid. As a result, the molecules of those cells expand, thus forcing the body’s fascia to distend and stretch. Homeostasis, the body’s state of functional harmony, is disrupted and can stay so for years or even decades until the body releases those energy blockages.

As long as the fascia remains displaced, the energetic expansions place stress on the entire system of connected organs, soft tissue, and skeleton. Gleeson’s MR training enables him to first check the stress load carried by the body’s interconnected fascia. Then, by working through levels within levels, from very general whole body systems to very specific areas of cells, he is able to help the body release structural, biochemical and mental/emotional energetic energy blockages due to injury.

Even though it is well outside the comfort zone of most practicing chiropractors, Gleeson has also come to terms with the fact that he is also capable of addressing issues and attitudes that a patient may possess at birth. This phenomenon opens the door to non-traditional concepts such as reincarnation – an arena of knowledge not yet accepted by mainstream medicine. In the course of his decades of service and healing, he has uncovered many ways to help facilitate greater awareness as an integral part of the process of personal change and transformation.

Dan Gleeson started out as a purely physical, mass-to-mass chiropractor, but over time, his ideas about healing and his role in helping facilitate a patient to attain wellness has evolved. By impeccably following his passion to learn and experience ever-advancing systems of knowledge, he found himself exploring realms of healing in unpredictable but deeply satisfying ways. For Gleeson, the personal message of healing he imparts to every client through his work is “know that you have always been well.”

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