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How Do We Grow New Neurons into the Future and the Unknown?

How Do We Grow New Neurons into the Future and the Unknown?

Your journey was to learn many, many spiritualconcepts to garner the best of civilizations — science — and to help support these concepts that can so easily be forgotten or washed into the dregs of religion, good or bad, right or wrong and punishment, and all that rules the day. We can lift our Spirit out with new ideas, the radical idea of inwardly changing ourselves. Now you have the science to actually fundamentally do that. It was always there but you needed someone bigger than me, better than me, to tell you that what you think you create, which is now coming to the surface in science everywhere.

You can rely on that now. It is not arbitrary any longer. It’s not whether you like me one week and don’t like me the next, and throw out everything I said and keep a few things. You know, it is not arbitrary. You reached a level that scientifically says you have the capacity to cure alcoholism, depression. You have the ability to heal yourself, to grow younger, to reverse in yourself catastrophic damages. You have the ability to grow brand new neurons with a new thought simply by walking. You don’t have to run, all you have to do is walk.

Neurogenesis takes place in a walk in focused thought. When you are doing something, you are having a thought and you are firing them together. Now we are getting new concepts. That’s what makes the brain young. You know through science that you have it in you, you have the capacity to generate new neuroactivity. Could you generate the next step — that science hasn’t yet confirmed but will — when I say to you that the mind of God is already downloaded in your brain? You already have neurons that don’t have any other history than being joyful. History simply means they were created to have this information. These neurons don’t have any other history than the capacity of saying these words, coming together and downloading information from that knowledge. We have proven to you that you have a midbrain that is psychic. Look at the walls in the Great Hall with your remote-views, in case you forgot.

Your brain is already downloaded with the mind of God, depending upon levels of consciousness that it functions through. It is as complex as all of the stars that shine, all of the galaxies, all of the universes that hang in the Void. It has all that information. The brain is the greatest supercomputer ever built because it was built by God.

We have proven to you that you have the ability to know the future just through remote-view. Now you have the refreshing confidence that this is innate in you. It was always innate in you. If you have the ability to see the future, you have the ability to know information ahead of time. Where did that information come from, if it hasn’t even been broadcast yet, no one has put it on the television? It hasn’t been seen anywhere, but you saw it before it ever was. Where did that information come from? It came from your midbrain. That’s our evidence that your brain is already downloaded with the mind of God, depending upon levels of consciousness that it functions through. It is as complex as all of the stars that shine, all of the galaxies, all of the universes that hang in the Void. It has all that information. The brain is the greatest supercomputer ever built because it was built by God. The mind of God is already in there.

How do we work neurogenesis into the activation of new, baby, infantile neurons? Where are they springing from? From a core button turned on in the brain of knowledge. It’s turned on in a walk — “I have always been happy. I have always been well, always, always.” Where in our brain do we find the neurological activity that would respond to “always”? The neurons have been programmed for you that you have always been healthy and that’s their only history. If we weave them in together with joy, and you weave genius in, and you weave whatever else you want in constructing the new identity, they all fire and start to fire together. They become a collective, a neuro-group in someone’s brain that their history is that they have the information relative at hand for this individual and their journey to be happy. This collective has all of the information from the future that is relative to happiness here, and it is about joy and genius. This collective already has that. That’s their history.

“To assess what is not being used, the multiplicity of choices and options that can come together and be encoded to allow a singular species to meet neuroeconomics by its choice, its spiritual choice, its neuro-choice, is what dictates its physical adaptation. Indeed, that is called evolution. It is called the caterpillar and the butterfly.”

In neurogenesis, the concept of new neurons growing, they are growing from history. They are the bridge. There is an area called bridge consciousness in our bands and they grow from there. What they do, their utility and the reason why they are important, is this. When you began to move neighborhoods — and I affectionately appreciate that this process was named not some medical term but a New Neighborhood — it’s a move, a change. I most appreciate the simplicity of that. If we look at the beginning work of a neighborhood, it glistens brightly in the beginning but it is fraught with the tribe. It is fraught with the old neighborhood. Before, the old neighborhoods just came in and you never looked at them. They just did their work, checked in, posted their neurological opinion, and began canceling out the opportunity.

It is not until we take a look at them that we begin to realize that this group is firing. This group — its armament — is fear and doubt, argumentative, and they slide in. They fire in to depose what the viewer is being shown, what your God is being shown. It’s not until you begin to look at just how much you have undermined or have allowed the undermining of historical neurons that are hardwired now — they are hardwired. The only thing that is going to get rid of them is Alzheimer’s or a head injury or a few drastic acts like that. They are hardwired, and not until they get calcified will they start to break away. They are in there. This is the group that is undermining the future possibility.

It isn’t until you take a look at it that you understand that what fires together wires together, that hope and despair can be wired together, depending upon what you did with it. And you know your examples: what feels good is painful, it’s sadistic. Wiring that can be done in the lack of self-appreciation. So it is the self-punishment that makes you feel good that you are punishing your body for some abstract act, and that’s how distorted a neuronet can become through childhood and puberty and postpuberty, into the young adult. It can become that hardwired.

The art of understanding that it is, and how it got that way, is an integral part of an advanced student’s journey into the greatness of the future. In this study, we also have the power of observation to actually observe one of these networks firing and understand they are just a network. But we also understand how they link into the body, cause it to respond, and drain it of its energy. Its vitality is getting drained just for an emotional response, and how automatic and unconscious this has been.

We have proven the power of the Observer by the remote-views on the wall, what you yourself have created in the field, your journey in the field and your card, your journey in the labyrinth against all obstacles, how far you went and never gave up. Don’t ever forget those extraordinary gladiator moments in the school because they stand as a testament that there is a deity in you watching the will morph into the extraordinary. That proof counters doubt and fear and lethargy, but if left unattended, these neuronets undermine it all, because that’s their program.

That program, of course, leads us to the past, not the future. In this place where we have a line of demarcation from the past walking onto the future, the consensus is people who are the victims of a worldwide plan. They are easily manipulated. How do they prevent knowledge like this from getting out? By simply saying knowledge like this school is conspiratorial. It’s the same spin some gave you when they talked about terrorism and got you to believe all of that, and believe everything else they have told you. It’s now a lie, always has been. They can spin you. This group can easily be spun; just work off the tribe, fear, do everything they want you to do to give you a false sense of security, and they will have their way with you. If you hear someone in the future say, “But I heard that the government did this and this,” and they say back to you, “Well, that’s just outrageous, that’s conspiracy theories,” they will shame you, along with everyone else; they will shame you back into living there, or saying you are going to die.

The thought processes of hardwiring live there in that group. This is where fear comes from. You all have integrated it because that’s what protects the boundaries that prevent change. It prevents what we did here in school. Furthermore, it makes you doubt. Of course you should doubt. When did you do anything extraordinary? When were you considered brave to your own self? When did you consider your own self highly responsible by taking on your own personal issues? When did you consider yourself personally responsible by tangling with your own grievances, your past, your afflictions, your own suffering, your prejudice, biases and judgments? When were you responsible to rid yourself of pain and suffering when you haven’t even realized you got addicted to it? When are you going to do that? When was the last time you were brave? See, that’s the group, the group mentality. The group mentality doesn’t dare go there. It is entertained like the Romans did in ancient Rome. They gave them the circuses and gave them games, and kept the people wagering on who would win and who would kill this person, how many animals would be slaughtered, and who would be murdered there. You just do it in a more modernized version and your slaughter is to destroy a person’s reputation. That’s equal to burning them on the cross in the middle of an arena. Everyone does that because that’s the safe place. You see, that is what keeps this hardwired.

The consequences of hardwiring are that they keep you in this group, which is like this because of the lack of spiritual responsibility. It is this way because of the lack of taking a position that maybe you have had experiences — out-of-body, precognitive, and psychic experiences — that make you question the notation of reality as it is popularly seen. Perhaps you do embrace the concept that you have lived before and will live again. If you do, there’s a whole reason why the next step would be asking why.

Personal responsibility starts to uncover your neglect in being a virtuous, noble, upright being who really takes on your addictions and wins. When we begin to feel victorious to ourself is when we are no longer insecure. When people can say to you, “Well, you are a conspiracy theorist,” and all you do is smile because you are not cowered back into the tribe, you have the courage of personal conviction, indeed, the courage of personally working in healing yourself; that real conviction isn’t out there, it’s in you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. You don’t want their reality; you want your reality. And if you are such a social butterfly, you will never have your own reality. You’ll be slaves. You already are; you just don’t even know it. That is you. And you will not see a new era because it takes personal conviction to change yourself. It takes personal conviction to wrestle with your necromancers, to get unaddicted from being a victim.

Personal responsibility starts to uncover your neglect in being a virtuous, noble, upright being who really takes on your addictions and wins.

Take responsibility. If I accept that I have lived again, then I am here in destiny to have experienced these incidences that affected me in my life. They are frequency specific to me. No matter how urbane or wretched, there is a link, inarguably. Stand up for the link and take yourselves off of the cross; I did. You take yourself off of your suffering cross and be strong enough for a conviction that links you psychically, links your frequency to some greater work that leads not only to forgiveness but to the understanding. Forgiveness comes once we are virtuous. Then we understand why people do what they do. But until we become virtuous and wise, we never do. As long as we are caught in the throbbing heart of suffering and pain, we’ll always be on the victim’s side, because that’s what we are. How does that enlighten the world and benefit you? It doesn’t.

When you stand strong, you begin the personal conviction supremely confident that you are going to conquer yourself. You are going to detach all the people you blamed and let them go. You are going to stop eating yourself into oblivion and start being a doer, proactive into sending to your body the most quintessential message that your body would think the gates of heaven have come to relieve it. To assert immortality one has to take that thread and begin to apply it. If I have lived before, there’s cause and effect to me living again. I must take this responsibility and start releasing people, and really do it. It is extraordinary; it is the Gordian knot. We can do it by sword or knot by knot, but we changed. And if we despair because we cannot find our way in this montage of faceless people, and we still want to be different and unique, what is it in you that wants that? It is because you don’t have it for yourself.

When you become your own vicar, indeed, when you say, “This is why I am the way I am, was the way I was, and gives me solid ground and momentum; I have the mental tools to literally release myself from the suffering and begin the conquest,” then you live what you believe in. You live that you are immortal, that you have returned to cause and effect. You are living the act of neutralization to be wise. Now you are genuine, upright, and visible. There are no places in you that are weak. If there are, you take them on. You know how to do that. Add it to the Neighborhood Walk®, to the List, to what you blow out in the power breath. You counter that day with strength and fortitude, that at the end of the day you sleep sweetly, your body is at rest, and your Spirit is flying and not in purgatory.

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