Current Issue Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Issue

The Spring 2011 issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine, "Are We Connected?" brings together 15 voices — from scientists to Indian Chiefs — to have a conversation about Interconnectedness. Collectively they explore the void in understanding between those peoples from indigenous traditions who embrace connection as a fundamental perception of life, and those intellectually trained within materialistic-based cultures from which the 'concept' of interconnectedness remains a theoretical abstraction.

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Previous Issues

Winter 2010 - 2011 Issue

The SuperConsciousness Winter 2010 – 2011 issue, “Visions of the Future,” is focused on our innate ability to peer into the mysterious future and bring back to the present what we see. Social conditioning would have us believe that to extend our perceptions into the future is evil or even dangerous, but are those subtle allusions of risk based on fact?

Fall 2010 Issue

For the Fall 2010 issue, The Spiritual Journey, SuperConsciousness asked the questions, “What is Spirituality?” and “What does Spirituality have to do with personal evolution and our innate potential?” What we came to realize is that Spirituality....

Summer 2010 Issue

For the Summer 2010 issue Getting Naked about HEALTH, SuperConsciousness focused on the ways in which we as humans are evolving beyond a mindset that is exclusively physical. As we gain more scientific and metaphysical knowledge about how our bodies, brains.....

SuperConsciousness Spring 2010 Cover

The Spring 2010 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine features: Educating the Future, 7 Ways to Develop Your Child's Natural Born Strengths, How to Become a Super Athlete, Inspiring Genius with Howard Gardner and much more!

SuperConsciousness Winter 2009 Cover

The Winter 2009 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine features: Why We Care, 6 Health Benefits of Altruism, Inside Doctors Without Borders, and Hotel Rwanda's Paul Rusesa.

SuperConsciousness Fall 2009 Issue

The Fall 2009 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine features: Transforming Music with features including Kennt Werner, Matt Haimovitz, Alex Theory, Davis Guggenheim and much more.

June/July 2009 Issue

The June/July 2009 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine features: Evolving Our Aqareness of Nature, Rebel Observers, and True Healing Beyond Medicine and Interview with Veterinarian Dr. Louie Enos.

April May 2009

The April/May 2009 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine features: Wealth, Wisdom & The Future, The Value of Partnership and Interviews with, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Dr. Gregory Berns Neuroeconomics.

Issue 1

The February 2009 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine features: Aspiring Art, Creative Fire Sacred Art from Around the World, and Arts Hidden History -  Ancient Symbols Revealed.

November 2008

The January 2008 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine features: Peace Works, Musician Gives Peace a Chance, Interview with Nobel Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai, Hopes For Peace?, and Children as Peacemakers.