Winter 2010 - 2011 Issue

Winter 2010 - 2011 Issue

The SuperConsciousness Winter 2010 – 2011 issue, “Visions of the Future,” is focused on our innate ability to peer into the mysterious future and bring back to the present what we see. Social conditioning would have us believe that to extend our perceptions into the future is evil or even dangerous, but are those subtle allusions of risk based on fact?

In the INTRODUCTION to this issue’s main content, we present the argument that the fear attributed to knowing the future is nothing more than the growing pains of a species that is expanding their collective awareness beyond long-standing, limited belief systems.

What follows are thirteen interviews, articles, and excerpts from researchers, scientists, spiritual adepts, and visionaries who share knowledge and personal stories about their experiences seeing the future. Learn for yourself how you can develop the capacity to extend and broaden your own awareness to develop your own innate capacity.

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Articles featured in this issue: