Go Planet, by Jim Channon

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We are pleased to announce Jim Channon’s latest book "Go Planet: The Promise of Our Global Civilization." This new work of a brilliant visionary artist offers a blueprint of what the next 100 years of human evolution will bring about.

Jim Channon's Go PlanetHow can we create an empowered civilization and not just another economy? The ideas illustrated and discussed in this book come from the world’s best independent thinkers and visionaries, as well as leaders of major enterprises. They exist in a world that is not yet recognized by our media but has already taken hold in our evolution. Framed as positive outcomes, they are doable and the means to accomplish them exists. The organization required is strategically simple and clear. Our only task now is to stimulate public awareness so that this grand game in our earth garden can begin in earnest. Let us awaken to the supreme joy of working together to harvest the rewards of a life beyond strife and labor. Let us awaken to our civilization’s promise after centuries of progress!

For More Information about Jim Channon and his new book Go Planet visit: www.NewEarthArmy.com. Or To Place an Order for Go Planet Directly, Click Here

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