Attitudinal Healing International

website: http://www.ahinternational.org
contact email: info@ahinternational.org
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A.H. International
3001 Bridgeway Suite K #368 Sausalito, California USA 94965
Phone #: (415) 435-1622 ex. 1
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Attitudinal Healing International’s mission is to create, develop, and support the official home portal for Attitudinal Healing and to help facilitate the organic creation and growth of independent centers, groups, and individuals worldwide.


Attitudinal Healing International supports and works toward a world where each person takes responsibility for what they think, say, and do, utilizing the Principles of Attitudinal Healing and the practices of choosing peace over conflict, love over fear, compassion over indifference, and forgiveness over judgmental blame in all aspects of daily life. AHI envisions a world where everyone is whole, safe, loved, educated and valued; a space where people can join each other to stimulate their own creativity of experiencing the Light that is within each of us so that the darkness and warring of this world can disappear.


Attitudinal Healing International’s purpose is to support each person’s ability to heal their own mind of fear and separation that they may experience a world of connectedness, love, peace, and mutual respect for our differences and celebration of our commonality. It is to have a Website that attracts like-minded and heart-minded people who believe that there is another way of looking at the world and that nothing is impossible. It is to create a platform where people can inspire themselves and each other to live in a higher consciousness of unconditional love and forgiveness, a consciousness of “giving” rather than “getting” and being a “love finder” rather than a “fault finder.”

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