The California Academy For The Healing Arts

website: http://www.cahaschool.com/
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The California Academy For The Healing Arts
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At CAHA, we offer excellence in education in the holistic healing arts. Massage. Energywork. Reiki. Holistic Health. Hypnotherapy. Herbs. Flower Essences.

Consciousness Expansion. Transformational Experiences.

All in a Vocational Training Experience That Will Change Your Life for the Better.

At CAHA, we train our students to work with the physical and non-physical aspects of anatomy and physiology. Note the two different colored auric fields in the pictures on the left.

We are a also unique school in California because we offer 3 vocational programs in Energywork that teach people how to offer healing treatments.  Classes may also be taken individually if you would like to take a specific class.