Saybrook University

website: http://saybrook.edu
contact email: amcgeady@saybrook.edu
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Saybrook University
747 Front St. 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94111-1920
Phone #: 800.825.4480
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Saybrook University is the world’s premier institution for humanistic studies. It is a rigorous and unique learner-centered educational institution offering advanced degrees in psychology, mind-body medicine, organizational systems, and human science. Saybrook’s programs are deeply rooted in the humanistic tradition and a commitment to help students develop as whole people – mind, body, and spirit – in order to achieve their full potential.

Saybrook University is growing to bring together new disciplines and apply its humanistic perspective to a broad spectrum of practical fields.

The University is comprised of three colleges:

  • Graduate College of Mind-Body Medicine
  • Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies
  • LIOS Graduate College (Leadership Institute of Seattle)