The Teaching Company

website: http://www.teach12.com
contact email: custserv@teachco.com
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The Teaching Company
4840 Westfields Blvd., Suite 500 Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone #: 1-800-832-2412
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The Teaching Company brings engaging professors into your home or car through courses on DVD, audio CD, and other formats. Since 1990, great teachers from the Ivy League, Stanford, Georgetown, and other leading colleges and universities have crafted over 200 courses for lifelong learners. We provide the adventure of learning, without the homework or exams.

Our mission:

  • To ignite the passion for lifelong learning by offering great courses taught by great professors .

Our values:

  • Excellence. Start with the best, then make it better.
  • Cultivate every resource. Confront, accept, and improve hard facts.
  • Hard work for solid results.
  • Fair and lasting relationships with our customers and our employees. And expect the same in return.
  • Integrity. Period.

What we've done:

  • With input and feedback from our customers since 1990, we've found the top 100 teaching professors in the country.
  • With those great professors, we have produced 200 great courses—over 2,000 hours of material in literature, philosophy, history, fine arts, the sciences, economics, and religion.
  • We have delivered millions of lectures to hundreds of thousands of people we are proud to call our customers.