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Cookus Interruptus is devoted to educating viewers about how to cook fresh local organic whole foods despite life’s interruptions. The means for their mission is over 120 short humorous videos. Site includes printable recipes, menu ideas, nutrition nerdy blog, fun give-aways and sparkling conversation.

The site is co-produced by Brad Huskinson, director and Cynthia Lair, author of Feeding the Whole Family and director of the culinary program at Bastyr University. Cynthia is also proud to be a contributing editor for SuperConsciousness Magazine.

The cooking videos/recipes utilize and advocate the consumption of foods that are sustainably produced emphasizing whole fresh local organic ingredients made into recipes that taste fantastic. These choices help maintain health and pleasure for individual family members and well as for our community and our environment.

We believe that education should be entertaining as well as informative.


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