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America's "green transition" has produced a new wave of individuals and businesses who aspire to be as environmentally conscious as they can. LivingECHO wants to help you achieve an environmentally friendly lifestyle without having to make major changes in your life.

LivingECHO (environmentally conscious home and office) started with one simple question: how do we get more 'eco-friendly' products into the hands of the general population? From that simple question, a simple idea emerged—a website where companies can sell their products directly to the public and trade information freely amongst each other.

As the idea grew, so did LivingECHO. Our thoughts were not only to include companies in trade, but also individuals wanting to start their own businesses. Business, governments, and people helping each other grow 'greener'. It is without doubt that a change is needed, and the first step needs to be taken by us. As much as we would like to, LivingECHO is not here to save the world; we are here to help you save the world through helping business and people like yourselves keep in touch. We're here to help you get the greenest products for the best prices.