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Gothic Arch Greenhouses
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In 1946, our grandfather and father started "Trans-Sphere Trading Corporation" a traditional Import/Export Company. During the '50's, largely due to the many ornamental nurseries in our area, we began specializing in horticultural products. We initially began importing peat moss by the shipload from the bogs in Germany for the ornamental growers in the Southeast for use as an artificial soil medium.

The strength of this expanding horticultural market led us to seek out additional related products... reed mats from Austria were used for shade house areas to harden off tender plants from the propagation houses before being moved to the open field, kelp meal from Norway was used as a rich source of trace minerals and micronutrients, burlap and pinning nails were imported for use in ball and burlap preparation of field grown stock for market.

Company History -Gothic Arch GreenhousesWorking closely with the various State Agricultural Extension Services put us in contact with the State Agricultural Colleges. Through this association, we began to recognize the need for a line of affordable, functional, easy to build greenhouses, which would appeal to the hobby market and also to the secondary and post-secondary Vocational-Technical Schools and many other applications throughout the country.