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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Handel’s “Messiah” is very important and should not be a piece of music consecrated strictly to Christianity because that is not what it was meant to be. Handel was involved in the greatest secret societies on the face of the earth that propagated consciousness and energy into knowledge. Handel was a musician, and a brilliant one.

Why is this particular masterpiece a masterpiece? Because he used ancient knowledge handed down to him as an initiate to put together a masterpiece using sound and divine geometry. In propagating the science of the mind, Handel put together sounds that would work geometry into a spectacular symbol. The brain itself, working off of electromagnetic fields around the body, would do the same thing, which he learned in his initiation with the societies he was involved in.

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Sacred Geometry - Secret Societies and Sacred Music

For your investigation, there are tests that were done to Handel’s “Messiah” in which the vibrations of the music were run through a metal plate, with probes on the plate that would run the frequency through it. Upon this perfectly and scientifically engineered flat surface were placed metal shards. As the frequency of this masterpiece was fed through this flat surface and the shards of metal were scattered in random chaos, there was an organization coming out of the chaos, a distribution of these shards all through this masterpiece. In the last great part of Handel’s “Messiah”, in test after test after test, what became apparent towards the last sequence of this masterpiece was that these random shards, chaotically disturbed by frequencies from the music on the plate, created an astounding symbol, a star, the pentagram.

His music stands as a symbol of the high holidays. The high holidays represent the highest form of life, a time when we are asked and indeed allowed to live to our greatest accomplishment.

Jesus Christ said, “I am your bright and shining morning star.” The morning star was there before the birth of Yeshua ben Joseph. He conformed to become its meaning. Christianity, in its absolute ignorance, considers this symbol a devil. This masterpiece is played at the height of their Christian celebration, yet unbeknown to them the pentagram is forming in their brain.

These are tests that are scientific in nature. They are accessible to all of you. The master of this masterpiece used the frequency of sound to create a propensity of triangles. The sound was based upon the organization of triangles, because triangles are at the heart of the cosmos, all universes, and all dimensions. It takes triangles put together to give the definition of pi in a ratio of circumference. Circles do not just become circles. They are triangles, proportionately designed equally, that when put together at their points create the circle.

Handel, a great master in his studies in his secret society, was way ahead of common composers. He knew that this life gave him a talent for the composition of music and would be his life’s work and destiny to take his gift, applied with knowledge and initiation, to produce the greatest piece of music. In order to pass an initiation in a secret college, he created the “Messiah” which would undoubtedly produce a star in the brain of all who would ever hear it.

Handel was involved in the greatest secret societies on the face of the earth that propagated consciousness and energy into knowledge.

Did Handel pass his test and take his talent, his destiny in this life, and apply it to the greatest resource of truth? Yes, he did. This masterpiece stands in all time as the greatest, most touching music and attribution to God. It was exactly meant for God. Jesus Christ said, “I am your bright and shining morning star. I was born under a star.” He is talking to common people, but to a specific group they understand that it is not some random star in the sky. All of you know the morning star is Venus. But he wasn’t referring to Venus. He was referring to a broader context, to Point Zero. He also said, “I am the alpha and the omega. I am the beginning”  the star  “and I am the end.” He is speaking about the God who is speaking through him. That is how powerful he knew this knowledge, and it was transformative knowledge. It was knowledge that required him as a man to girdle his loins, come up to that star — Point Zero — and live his life accordingly: “I was once the beginning. I shall be the end. I have girdled my loins. I have sought the highest revenue of the source of my being and have applied that in my life.”

Sacred Geometry - Secret Societies and Sacred Music

Yeshua is but one of many who had that same opportunity. He was born to bring that message, no matter the cost. Handel is the same kind of entity. Handel was born with a talent of words and music. The secret college would say to him, “This is your opportunity in this life. This is your greatest gift. This is your greatest genetics. This is your greatest Spirit, your greatest soul, and in that you must take your great gift and pass the standard of an initiation.” Handel composed this work in a time when there was no electronic music being played. There were no probes or perfectly engineered pieces of metal in which sound could travel invisibly over wires without the absolute apparentness of an orchestra that would affect shards of metal and organize that chaos into meaning. He did it when none of this electronic equipment was around.

Handel was indeed a master who created a masterful work. Only in recent technology and science has it been found and put to the test that it cannot be coincidence that his music can organize a thousand shards of metal thrown randomly into a specific symbol without any human hand. The symbol is the pentagram. Handel produced a piece of music that will be played for centuries to come and appreciated even more for the insightful, spiritual, brilliant being that he was. He took his science and talent and left a legacy.

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