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Spring is the Time When A Master is Reborn – Jesus the Christ The Life of a Master

Spring is the Time When A Master is Reborn – Jesus the Christ The Life of a Master

Spiritual traditions abound that celebrate spring as the season of rebirth and the resurrection of life. The most familiar in the west is that of Easter and the mythos of the revitalization of Jesus Christ after his death. And yet, there continues those allusive, albeit persistent mythologies; stories of others who have also surrendered their humanity and have been righteously reborn into spiritual knowledge. Insights into the experiences of that journey are rare and precious.

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Spring is the Time When A Master is Reborn – Jesus the Christ The Life of a MasterWhat would it be like and who would we have to become to walk on the earth as a fully realized master? A person, man or woman who has chosen to persistently surrender the demands of their emotions and the limitations of their human identity – in order to know that omnipotent greatness? Ramtha, himself an ascended master who lived as a man on earth 35,000 years ago, speaks with authority to that righteous journey of passage from self-identity as an emotional flesh-bound human being to full realization as a spiritual human being who transcended beyond the boundaries of human experience.

This inspired book opens with the story about a teaching given on the meaning of Christ’s life and delivered one stormy Easter morning in 1989. Woven within that story are clearly defined attributes that are the hallmark of those who pursue this path: “It is the originality of the spirit, the dancing eyes, the mind that is quick, a spirit that knows and understands challenges in life, that does not depend on other people….”

Ramtha addresses the trials and tribulations Jesus faced to become a master of the world, and then asks: “What is the mystique of Christ? Christ means the Christos, to know. What that says is that he knew something. He knew it and he lived it….Did it ever occur to you that maybe living is a higher order, a mind that is so sharp and so powerful it can manifest anything? Does that exclude the body? No! The body becomes the perfect temple of a great and masterful leader.”

He also speaks about courage: “The reason that you love Christ is because Christ put it on the line….Now we know why Christs were so rare, because they gave it all up. When you are willing to die for what you know, that is the moment you are truly the most alive.” Many other issues are addressed as well, including sexuality, forgiving debt, fear of death, a virtuous life, and becoming as clear as a little child.

For those who desire to evolve and become their greatest potential, or, if you seek a book that resonates with the consciousness of spring, rebirth and a rededication to the impeccable journey of mastery, then this jewel will inform you, inspire you, and add great value to your spiritual understanding.

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