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SuperNatural Creator

SuperNatural Creator

An artist can be a scientist when it comes down to building the blocks of a new reality through a canvas, where colors and textures act as the bond of subatomic particles. Life is a gigantic piece of fabric, where we display our thoughts and create, moment by moment.

Alicia Hunsicker is a progressive mix media artist. She is primarily an oil painter, but often includes a variety of processes and mediums in her work.

She translates her ideas into preliminary “sketches” using current digital photographic techniques and software. Once she has arrived at a composition she feels passionate about, she experiments with black and white Xeroxing to play with scale and then decide what will deliver the strongest impact. Taking a trip back to her roots as a printmaker, she applies the “sketch” onto the work surface using an acrylic transfer process. She is then left with a black and white image on which to establish an initial layer of acrylic color. From there she builds up the surface with oil paint using traditional techniques. Her process opens up exploration into concept, imagery, and paint application, which allows her to grow and discover along the way.

Interview with Mix-Media Artist Alicia Hunsicker

She aims for transformative compositions that re-contextualize the inner structures of the human body and which exposes them in colorful, alluring abstracted landscapes. These paintings draw the viewer into a thoughtful world where we are asked deep and meaningful questions and where we are shown the exquisite fragility of life, originally evolving from the idea of a moment in time where thought is transformed into matter. Her paintings capture not only the energy of creation but also the decay. Alicia is fascinated by nature’s repeating patterns and sees these forms as part of a cosmic language that link humanity to the Divine that shows our interconnectedness.

SuperConsciousness spoke with Alicia Hunsicker about her inspiration, techniques and uniqueness as a scientific artist.

SuperConsciousness: What inspired you to merge art with science and what are the benefits that you perceive from it?

Mana Force, 28” x 51”, oil on board, Alicia Hunsicker, 2011

Alicia Hunsicker: I received a wonderful amount of feedback when I unveiled my latest series of work, entitled “Moments of Creation”. This series evolved from the idea of expressing the moment in time where thought or energy transforms into form or matter. Many people resonated with this work and pointed out a strongly perceived scientific connection. Some even called the compositions biological landscapes.

I have always thought of myself as a spiritual artist, but as I started to view my work through a more scientific lens, I began to experience more expansion in what was possible through my art. I was amazed at the similarities between the questions I was asking through my art in the studio and the questions scientists were researching in their facilities.

This new alignment allowed me to see doors that I could not see before, and now, excitedly, I am starting to open them and explore what is inside.

SC: When you paint, do you experience being in a different state of Consciousness?

AH: When I am painting I enter a timeless state. I imagine it like this: There is a river flowing just above my head. We could call this the river of the collective consciousness. As I began to paint, my mind steps aside and this river starts to flow into me from above. While this is happening, literally, hours can pass and yet to me it seems but a moment. Intuitively, this river directs my work, and my paintings often have an abstracted reference to this river.

SC: As you become more aware of our interconnectedness with all nature and direct link to the divine, how does that change your perception of what artistic creation is?

Creation and Destruction, 24” x 29”, oil on board, Alicia Hunsicker, 2011

AH: I believe that we are all here carrying a unique piece of the divine spark and that we are here to bring that spark into the light of the world. My work and my life have become an expression of that belief. Every day I see evidence that there is a divine pattern expressed in nature and I aim to express that in my work by creating compositions that show correlations. We are all made up of the same stuff. It is our perceptions that make us unique and what we manifest into the world and expands the universe.

SC: Do you think that an ARTIST’s canvas can depict a possible or alternate future experience?

Transfusion, 39.5“x 25.5”, oil on paper mounted on board, Alicia Hunsicker, 2011

AH: At times I am drawn to create certain imagery without solid knowledge as to what I want to say. Each time I have followed this intuitive knowing it has always led me to an understanding of something new about the world or something deep inside myself. For instance, in my new paintings the tree-like patterns are actually brain neurons. I knew that the brain neurons were important but couldn’t really put my finger on why. I was so strongly attracted to them that I decided to use them anyway. At that time, I was attending to a broken leg and was not mobile or able to be out in the world. As my inner world became my primary focus, I attuned myself to my own thought patterns and intentions. When I felt my mind unconsciously bringing my attention somewhere I didn’t want to be, I was able to redirect my thoughts to better serve my well-being. The accident taught me how to be present and keep my thoughts in the now. After this experience it made perfect since as to why I wanted to paint brain neurons. So do I think there is a link between what I paint and a future experience? Absolutely!

SC: Is there a new underlying topic in the art that you are now working on, and what is it?

A New Song to Sing, 24” x 31”, oil on paper, Alicia Hunsicker, 2012

AH: My recent work has led me in a new and unexpected direction. I am exploring what it would encompass to be an artistic translator on the cusp of new scientific discoveries that explore how our world works, was created, and how it expands. I am particularly drawn to concepts being explored in Theoretical Physics and feel that my work can help bridge the understanding of these concepts. I feel a new and higher sense of purpose with my work and I am very actively searching for science partners to collaborate with.

It was a poignant realization that the concepts I explore in my work are closely related to ones that the scientists are exploring in their work.

Thought forms, 18.5” x 27.5”, oil on paper mounted on board, Alicia Hunsicker, 2011

The way we view and understand the world is rapidly changing. New discoveries are being made at such a fast rate that scientists and artists need to work together to get this information out into the world. These partnerships can also yield unexpected discoveries because of the different perspectives that each provide.

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