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The first step in finding peace is creating a sanctuary


There are times when you hit a wall, and nothing seems to be going your way and you feel lost.  When the horoscope says positive things, but somehow unfortunate things unfold. What can you do? The first step you can take to make a big personal change is to create a sanctuary and routines that allow you to find and maintain the right mental state.  Here are some tips that I want to share and hopefully you can comment with things that have worked for you.

Taking advantage of all of your senses: 

Each person has a different sense that takes them to a new place.  Perhaps this is the smell of a particular flower, or the ocean, the sand, or the touch of a soft blanket, the sight of a candle burning or the taste of a fresh cup of tea.  When you go to your sanctuary, either in your mind or physically, be sure to treat yourself to as many positive things around you as possible.  This comfortable setting is the first step to putting your mind in the right place.  Whether this is when you meditate, or simply when you are able to stop and pause and appreciate your surroundings, make sure you stimulate every sense you have.  Today, probably one of the biggest senses to turn off is your cell phone.  Once that is off you can focus on smell, touch, taste, feel, and sight.

Thank yourself:  

Life is a struggle!  Making it through your day or through your night to come to a place where you can clear your mind is worth being thankful for.  Your sanctuary should give you the feeling of a place where you are able to thank yourself, and you must remind yourself of how sacred that is.

Be open to your sanctuary changing:  

The most wonderful thing about humanity is our ability to change and adapt.  You may find that certain things become stale or no longer provide the comfort they once did.  Your sanctuary could be a physical place inside your apartment or home which would not be available if you are traveling.  Or based on the season or temperature you may want to have few clothes on or be cuddled up in a blanket.  If you create many comforting stimuli in your sanctuary you will be able to have similarities to your routines.  You will also be able to find comfort in situations where you may not have all that you desire.

Have a ritual:  

Like anything in life, you get good with repetition.  The most simple things to focus on as you start are your breath and what you see when you close your eyes.  Find the right place and right breath pattern that puts you at ease and capture that moment while you teach your body and mind to go back to that place whenever needed.  Learn to recreate this experience over and over again, and add to it when needed.  Peace starts with a place…it starts in your sanctuary.

Here are a few videos that I found helpful on this topic as well.  The most important thing about this exercise is that there is no right answer.  The answer is whatever makes this space comforting.  It is something you don’t need to share with anybody.  If this is a beach, or the top of a mountain, or in a bathtub, or simply sitting on a particular part of your floor.

Here are a few videos that I found on this topic that I feel are helpful:

One of my favorites from this video is the “dream boards”…perhaps we will do a post on those soon as well 😉



This video is long but very informative. It is especially for those of us trying to be successful in both work and home life as well as balance in the mind.

I’d love any commentary on what has worked for you while you create your sanctuary.  Is there a scent you like, or a temperature that works best for you.  I look forward to hearing your commentary.


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