What is Genius?


A Teaching from Ramtha
Author: Ramtha
Photographer: RSE

Genius is sort of relative to intelligence, isn’t it? For example, if you were a small animal and your keepers were larger animals, then you would presume that they were more intelligent than you. If you are a larger animal who has been dumb enough to be kept or small enough to be kept by human beings, then you would think that human beings are more intelligent than you, would you not? If you are a human being who finds a greater intelligence that can take care of you better, would that not be excelling in intelligence?

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What is Genius - A Teaching from Ramtha

Wherever you are, from spermatozoa and a cell, there is always a bigger scheme of things at your station for seeing a more intelligent caretaker than the one that you are, so intelligence is really relative. All cells are intelligent mainly because they know they are a cell. All cows are intelligent, all calves are intelligent, all goats are intelligent, all kids are intelligent because they can recognize their kind and see a superior intelligence. Therefore a human being can only recognize intelligence equal to them. They call their friends their mentors, their family, so it is recognizable that everyone in their family has the intelligence to recognize your name, who you are, and share memories, conversations, dialogue, as it were, and your experiences. So you have an intelligent family based upon you.

We understand that the human being at the top of the food chain, so it seems, has an intelligence for recognizing superior intellect within its own human family. For example, to say this scientist is a genius or that inventor is a genius or that homemaker is a genius is to simply recognize that within a human family there are people that came up with solutions to ideas that were not apparent within your own realm of intelligence. Within your own realm of intelligence you have pretty much figured out everyone’s cause and effect, their humor, the way they are, what they do, what they don’t do, what they do best, what they don’t do best. That is the intelligence you recognize there. When you recognize within your genesis an entity who has the same life, the same dating of time but can look at a simple thing and see a brilliant solution to it, one comments on the superior intelligence of that entity simply because within your relationship, within your intelligence, it never occurred to you to see it that way.

Geniuses are known for being present and expanding the present. Geniuses do not escape into imaginary land but take the present and expand it into imaginary land. That is a true genius.

Those who are large dreamers in society we call visionaries. Because of their ability to see solutions to everyday problems, they are called brilliant. It doesn’t take an impressive person to be brilliant if they have figured out a better mousetrap, but they are a genius because society as a whole never figured out one better until they came along. They have the simplicity of mind to see a solution to a common everyday dilemma.

Within the human characteristics and in its genesis are emerging people that are true visionaries. They think outside of the box of their own family and find solutions and remedies with common thought that common people don’t. So in that regard, the person who finds a better mousetrap than the one who invented it in the first place is standing on the shoulders of original genius. Then when we look at the better mousetrap, they are standing higher because they found a solution nobody cared to see.

Having understood that then, what is it that creates genius? Geniuses are known for being present and expanding the present. Geniuses do not escape into imaginary land but take the present and expand it into imaginary land. That is a true genius. They can look at the moment and allow their mind to move into potentials of the moment, and that is where they have the vision. That is a genius. Not only are they a genius for better mousetraps, they are a genius for all futures because they have the ability for presence.

A genius is unpopular in realms of common humanity because their problem-solving skills, their immediate grasp of a situation and their solution to it, are so present that there is no drama to it. When you solve a problem, you leave out the drama. To a hungry world needing an escape from reality, they seek drama constantly. A true problem-solver is a true genius. Finding solutions is genius. That same individual can transcend time if you give them a date. They can look at a point in time and be present with that time. They can be present with any problem. And because they are present, their mind, like water, flows to all the potentials, and the potentials come in to correct the present. They have no barriers against problemsolving.

A true problem-solver is a true genius. Finding solutions is genius. That same individual can transcend time if you give them a date. They can look at a point in time and be present with that time.

If that is true, then the culture here has been very poor in producing geniuses, in fact, nearly hiding them. Certainly for women, genius was never celebrated, for they were denounced because they were geniuses. In this society that desperately needs geniuses, while at the same time taking their daily dose of drama, it is very difficult to find solutions to a world that doesn’t want any solutions, but that is changing.

How do we get genius to common people? By teaching them to be in the present. It sounds simple but it is the most overlooked moment there is. Very few people live in the present. They live in the hurry-up of the ending of the day and rarely through the day. They hurry up and live two months from now but never now, and they rarely ever live the evening because it is always on someone else’s drama.

Geniuses are taught at an early age to be in the moment and allow it to come. Who can’t be a genius? There is no such thing that anyone is more gifted, but there are more people deluded by avoiding the moment, which once found, everyone knows.

So remember this: A brilliant person always has a solution for what they see, and they are always progressive. So be it.

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Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, Ramtha Q&A Evening, April 5, 2007
Copyright © 2007 JZ Knight

Tesla: Mind Beyond Time

Excerpted from Cracking Creativity by Michael Michalko

Tesla, by imagining himself living in the future, essentially took up a perceptual position in the future, creating new realities from which to view the world. Nikola Tesla, the genius who ushered in the age of electricity, would often think of something as given and work backward to the question.

His ability to imagine the future enabled him to create astonishing, world-transforming devices that were without theoretical precedent. Tesla’s discovery of rotating magnetic fields is the basis of alternating current, which has made the widespread distribution of electric power possible. Tesla introduced us to the fundamentals of robotics and computer and missile science, and helped pave the way for such space-age technologies as satellites, microwaves, beam weapons, and nuclear power. Some experts even suggest that Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative was the result of secret research based on Tesla’s discoveries a half century before.

What is Genius - A Teaching from Ramtha

By imagining a future full of glittering lights powered by electrical generators, of robots revolutionizing industry, and of global communications based on invisible waves of magnetism, Tesla was able to work backward from the future ideas “running” in his imagination to his present. This backward thinking opened up his thinking to an infinite number of different ways of making the ideas “running” in his imagination into practical realities.

On Imagination

Our usual thinking is logical and goal oriented. Creativity is difficult with this kind of thinking because the conclusion is implicit in the premises. Creative thinking is analogical, fantastical, and associative.

One way to move toward creative thinking when your thinking has crystallized is to forget your problem and take an imaginary excursion. You visualize an imaginary excursion into or through some location or time in history that has nothing to do with the problem and look for ways to make analogies between what you imagine and your problem.

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