Unexpected insights from brilliant minds, explore ancient knowledge and sacred wisdom based on their own experiences and years of study.

The Psychology of Immortality

It’s quite possible that when we hear or read about communication with the dead, our first reaction is that of skepticism or outright contempt. But have we stopped to ponder on how and why....

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The Magic of Finding Our Perfect Mirror

How do we fall in love? Falling in love is first to have worked upon ourselves, honed in ourselves. We cannot fall in love if we are....

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The Unlimited Journey into Present-Moment Awareness

David Ord, editorial director of Namaste, speaks about how the application of “The Presence Process,” a book written by Michael Brown, changed his life’s destiny. The adventures of presence not only healed his “incurable” condition, but also changed his entire life in a profound level.

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Cycles of Change - The Five Suns of the Maya

Cycles of Change

As twenty-first century humans, we tend to see ourselves as the epitome of civilization. In a world rich with instant messaging technology, we often disregard the wisdom gained by ancient cultures. Yet particularly when it comes to having a long term...

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Why Fear Death?

Death is the most ordinary of life’s occurrences. It happens all the time, every nanosecond, all across the globe. So why are we so afraid of it? The truth is, our....

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The Heart of Success and Human Potential

What is the path to human success and fulfillment. How does this process of human evolution relate to our brain waves and energy centers. What are some of the most relevant theories and research that support these ideas. Read this excellent article from James Williams....

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Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School about Creative Thinking

Acclaimed author and creativity expert, Michael Michalko, shares with us, in his own words, “Twelve more things normally not taught about creativity that I learned by my life experiences in over 30 years of study, research and work in the field of creativity around the world.”....

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Living a Life With No Regrets

I realized I needed to spread the important message that we don’t have to wait until we die to see the bigger picture of how we are affecting those in our life. We have a....

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Psychic Intuition

Psychic Intuition was written as a way to create a starting point of conversation between skeptics and believers. Using my own background as an attorney and trained psychic medium, I carefully straddle both worlds and....

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Is There Physical Evidence That We Live More Than One Life?

There is no shortage of reincarnation cases to investigate, if you know where to look, but finding the perfect case – one that satisfies the most diligent of researchers as well as hardened skeptics – has proved impossible until now. There are...

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