Plato's Secret Symbols

The Platonic Code

Photographer: Wikipedia & Thinkstock

Plato's Secret Symbols - The Platonic Code

Dr. Jay Kennedy, a science historian from the University of Manchester believes he has deciphered a code embedded in the ancient writings of philosopher Plato. During one school term, Kennedy happened to be teaching two courses that led him to his discovery: a course on Plato’s Republic, and another on music and mathematics of the Ancient Greeks. What he realized was that Plato used a musical code, passed down from the ancient followers of Pythagoras, to give his books a hidden structure beneath the surface. “Plato and Greeks believed music was the key to mathematics and the cosmos,” Kennedy explained, “What we didn’t know was that he used Greek musical scales to give his works a hidden structure and then built layers of hidden meanings beneath that.” Among some of the deciphered codes, one reveals that Plato anticipated the Scientific Revolution 2,000 years before Isaac Newton. It makes sense to Kennedy that Plato would create secret symbols within his work, since his views challenged the accepted view of the world, and would have been considered a threat to Greek religion. Plato’s books played an important role in establishing the foundations of Western culture, and because of this, the messages he concealed in code could have important implications for our society, “It’s very significant…It not only changes our understanding of the past but it changes…where we’re heading in the future.”



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