Stem Cell Research Advances


Stem Cells Regenerate Heart

Stem Cell Research Advances

Scientists at the University of Minnesota have been attempting to use stem cells to stimulate cell growth in pig hearts. Seeing this technique applied to create human hearts, researchers believe that by using a patient’s stem cells, the same regeneration technique could be applied to other parts of the body. Pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are invaluable as they behave like embryonic stem cells, yet do not come from an embryo. By using these cells as a base for regeneration, scientists realized they could reverse a seemingly one-way development process. Theoretically, an ordinary cell from a patient could be turned into an all-powerful pluripotent cell, which could then be used to create tissue that would match the patient’s genetic profile and be used to re-grow cells, tissues, and perhaps even an entire organ or limb.

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