Super Soaker Goes Solar

Super Efficient Thermoelectric Energy Converter

Super Soaker goes Solar - Super efficient thermoelectric energy converter

Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the well-known Super Soaker water gun has created a new gadget he calls the JTEC or, Johnson Thermoelectric Energy Converter. The JTEC is an energy converter designed to promote and push forward advances in renewable energy. While current solar converters only transform about 20% of their energy into electricity, the JTEC reportedly doubles that efficiency. By using heat to expand hydrogen atoms, which then split apart and travel through an external circuit as electric current, the JTEC can produce an indefinite supply of heat. Other benefits to the new product are that it produces no waste, and has no moving parts, which makes it easy to manufacture. In 2006, the National Science Foundation gave Johnson and his team $75,000 in support of the project with hopes that within a few years the JTEC will become a reality.

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