The Root Cause


Spring 2010 Issue

End the Fed


In his latest book, Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul argues that the Federal Reserve is a root cause for some of the greatest problems the US and the world have faced in the past century. The collusion between bankers and politicians is behind the economic cycles of boom and bust, inflation and war. Paul examines the issue in a comprehensive way, including perspectives from economic theory, politics, history and common sense beyond ideological bias or polarization. His arguments are expressed in accessible language that makes his points easy to grasp and are supported by his extensive research and experience as a member of the Financial Services Committee in Congress.

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The Root Cause

Some will undoubtedly dismiss this book as conspiracy theory, a charge Paul addresses head-on. “Getting rid of the Fed will end the ability to control the people through monopoly on money and banking. While I do not endorse the views of people who write of the conspiracy to control the world through The Root Cause End The Fed By Ron Paul the Fed, I understand what it is that motivates such concerns,” he says. End the Fed is an important read for anyone interested in a better understanding of the challenges our world faces today and what kind of issues can significantly enrich the debate around the role and scope of government in our lives.





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