Introducing the Foreverlight Panel


Technology We Have Been Waiting For


What if a new technology designed for lighting a room, that required no electricity, were to become available? Would you be interested in becoming an early adopter?

SuperConsciousness recently took a look at a revolutionary non-electrical light panel that has slowly made its way out of Australia since 2009. Designer John Adams, a microwave communications engineer now living in the Central area of New South Wales, developed this product. He calls it “The Foreverlight Panel” and has begun production through his company Advanced Luminescent Technologies outside Sydney, Australia.

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Introducing the Foreverlight Panel - Technology We Have Been Waiting For

Think of these panels as somewhat similar to those always-visible EXIT signs in normally darkened theaters: Emergency signage continuously emits visible light while the hall is dark, yet that light is hardly noticeable when the house lights are lit. In most cases, they are not powered by any outside electrical source, which enables a crowd to find their way outside in case of a critical situation that might include electrical failure.

The scientific principle that enables this type of “glow in the dark” effect is called “photoluminescence,” a quantum mechanical technology in which a special substance (usually a rare earth material) absorbs and then re-radiates photons. The mechanics of the process are that photons are “excited” into a higher energy or frequency, and when they return to a lower frequency, new photons are emitted creating light, all without the need of an outside power source. The panel powers itself with the small amounts of heat present in the air of any room.

Introducing the Foreverlight Panel - Technology We Have Been Waiting For

Adam’s light panels go one step further by also incorporating qualities of another principle similar to “florescence” in which the emitted photons are of a lower energy than those absorbed. His panels absorb about one degree of heat within the lower infrared spectrum of the electro-magnetic scale, but he claims they are also capable of absorbing energy all the way up into the gamma frequency range, and converts that radiation into the emission of visible light photons. If this is true, a non-powered evolution in florescence would certainly become the next great technology insomuch that ambient high frequency electromagnetic radiation from ultraviolet into the gamma spectrum is ubiquitous and continuously available in limitless supply.

In everyday light, the Foreverlight panels appear a dull lime-green, much like the common limited life, “glow in the dark” plastics. When the sun goes down, or if the panels are placed in a low light environment, their light emissions become visible, they glow a continuous soft blue-green, and provide enough light to illuminate even the darkest corners of a room. Plus, without electro-magnetic field “noise”, the soft lighting actually “feels” comforting. But the best part of this new technology lighting panel is that it has been designed to last for thousands of years – truly a forever light!

Special thanks to Carolyn Sheldon and Neil Kaber, U.S. Distributors of The Foreverlight Panel. For more information, visit their website at

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