The Power Is Within You


Spiritual Leader JZ Knight Talks About Our Innate Ability to Change the World
Author: JZ Knight
Photographer: JZK Inc.

Allow me to read to you the transcript of a profound and moving commercial from I saw it in Italy and to this date I have never seen it played in the US.

“There is a natural resource that exists everywhere on the planet that could improve conditions and help end poverty, yet it has been largely ignored. That resource is women. In many of the world’s poorest communities, women are denied a significant role. So often their talent and potential remain untapped.”

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The Power Is Within You - Spiritual Leader JZ Knight Talks About Our Innate Ability to Change the World

“It is a source of power the world can no longer afford to overlook. She has the power to change her world. You have the power to help her do it. Call or visit”

Ramtha’s message has always been “The Power is in You.” RSE, Ramtha’s School, is based on teaching the biophysics of what power is and where power resides within us. Anyone can say these flattering words, “You are powerful!” but just saying them does nothing! RSE’s curriculum teaches the students real knowledge about our physical anatomy, our brain, our cells, our DNA, and learning how to use these to produce the power that creates tangible REALITY. Each student is trained to understand their power and how truly marvelous they and everyone really are!

Now about my credentials. I am not a quantum physicist, a neurophysicist, or a doctor of any persuasion whatsoever. I am a channel, and I have left my body more than a thousand times since 1978. Every time the Ram has used my brain and body, I have departed as a ball of light into that marvelous tunnel of light that carries me into worlds of the very tiny. I’m experiencing a neardeath experience each time I leave my body, and I love what happens to me outside of this body traveling to the worlds “before incarnation and after incarnation.”

When Ramtha takes on my body — I am not in a trance — I am gone. Ramtha uses my body as a means to teach in the appearance and expression of women. Women throughout the world are becoming powerful again, but where does this power come from? From inside of us. We are Gods, just as men are Gods too. We are the quintessential Observer of our thoughts, and our thoughts create material reality! This is the power of our Divine Self manifesting as a woman AND we are just now discovering this marvelous knowledge about our mind potentials and the Observer in Quantum Physics. These Self- discoveries enable each of us to literally “shake off” our insecurities and inadequacies and begin to live more expansive and exciting lives! Now we can take our place in the world as powerful human beings.

Long ago women lost their inner source of power. It was taken from them by religious doctrines, which were created by “holy men.” Women’s power was removed by the cultures they were born into. When anyone gives up their power of independent thought, they become “manageable,” thus many great and promising lives were and are reduced to childbearing and manpleasing. “Soulless,” a term applied to someone without independent will or thought, became the reality of women. Their lives were thus easily abused and expendable. So just HOW did our power disappear? We — women — AGREED with the religious doctrines that despised us. We AGREED with our cultures to disenfranchise ourselves from noble equality into servitude! If our power is in the mechanics of creating reality, then just by thinking, our thoughts form our material life. This inner brain process originates from our God, the Observer of thoughts. When we think and emotionally agree with our inequalities, when we give up our power of independent thought and replace it with faith in religious doctrines or cultural beliefs, then we, the women, agreeing in thought, have created our own loss of power for centuries!

Women throughout the world are becoming powerful again, but where does this power come from? From inside of us. We are Gods, just as men are Gods too

My partnership with Ramtha is significant because his message is coming through the body of a woman. God is not only in us as women but is us! Remember, religion is different than God. Religion is man’s interpretation of God. We now know in this school that one interprets knowledge through one’s neuronet. If your neuronet is your personality’s program in the brain as well as the program of your emotions, then how you interpret good and bad through those filters and how you benefit emotionally from those judgments will be how the interpretations of God will be defined. God being interpreted by man’s limited neuronet is at once dangerous and cruel. All life has been suffering from man’s interpretations of God for centuries.

How does one reconcile experience as sin? And if we do not experience, how can we evolve? Clearly we are an evolved species, and nature itself is continuously evolving and changing. Without experience we have no clear understanding of how we are changed by our choices. How do we know any choice is good or bad if we have yet to experience it? It is our experience of the choice that leads us to a conclusion of “good or bad.” Our personal evolution and growth depends upon our experiences.

Today many people are suffering alarming tragedies in a world that political and religious leaders have caused using religion. Such suffering and tragedies will end the day divinity is restored in women. One by one we start to wake up, and one by one we journey back to the source in ourselves, which is a Divine Source. We are all quintessentially the most beautiful temples that God ever made, our bodies housing our Great Self, the creator of our reality! We are ALL a Mind of Beautiful Wonder!

How could we say that some gaudy large building holds God when the building itself was built by the people whose brains can process faster than any computer ever made? When we look at the source of the incredible and remarkable, it is the human being building the structure whose potential is so outstanding. The restoration of our divine in us has to come not in the terms of the theologies of religion or by prophets but in a really clean presentation of knowledge that allows us to scientifically verify some of our own wonder. With clean knowledge we can come to remarkable conclusions about our own futures.

The Power Is Within You - Spiritual Leader JZ Knight Talks About Our Innate Ability to Change the World

In terms of the RSE School, the restoration of Individual Power in each student begins with addressing each as a biological and neurological creature, all the way down to their DNA, understanding how neurons function and become programmed. What are thoughts and how are they created in the brain? Are thoughts the architectural structures of the quantum-field building? What and who is the Observer in quantum physics? Does the inner observer in each of us observe thoughts which mold energy into objects of mass? What is meant by “creating physical reality?” Can ordinary people create miracles? Self-realization is a journey of learning that evolves a student toward the remarkable, a new life with individual futures filled with realities of wonder and beauty and, most important of all, becoming free to once again own the power of one’s Independent Thought.

Excerpt from: JZ Knight’s presentation at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, The Power of Women, August 28, 2006 Copyright © 2006 JZ Knight

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