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Latest Articles

Interview with Aaida Mamuji of Peace Midan

What has happened in the last couple of years since the revolutions of the Arab Spring started? What was accomplished? What are the people from...

Spiritual Hitchhiker - Interview with Monroe Institute Director Paul Rademacher

Interview with Monroe Institute Director Paul Rademacher

How does a husband, a father, a pastor – a person responsible for the well-being of so many others – tread the path of his own...

Interview with David Ord, Editorial Director of Namaste. “The Presence Process” book, a journey into present-moment awareness.

David Ord, editorial director of Namaste, speaks about how the application of “The Presence Process,” a book written by Michael Brown...

Energy Healing for the Earth

The challenge of climate change is something that must be tackled not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual level as well. It seems to me...

Cycles of Change - The Five Suns of the Maya

The Five Suns of the Maya

As twenty-first century humans, we tend to see ourselves as the epitome of civilization. In a world rich with instant messaging technology, we...