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Latest Articles

Energy Awareness in the Paradigm Shift

In this moment, we are creating the direction of the future. What that direction will be depends on the awareness with which we make our choices....

Between Light and Shade

Interview with Mexican painter and carrier of knowledge, Kuiz Lopez

Kuiz López Kalkoatl refers to himself as a man of tradition, yet his life is nothing close to what we usually consider traditional. Since...

When Desolation and Despair Give Rise to Spiritual Experiences

Spiritual experiences are overwhelmingly positive experiences. It seems almost paradoxical, then, that these experiences are frequently induced by...

Interview with Dr Rupert Sheldrake

British scientist Rupert Sheldrake has been speaking about the cutting edge of the new cell biology since 1981, when he published his...

Interview with Robert Howells

English author Robert Howells has been investigating “secret societies” for several decades and has now published what he has learned...