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Latest Articles

Interview with Philip Coppens, author of The Ancient Alien Question

Is it possible that we have been visited by alien intelligences in the past? What kind of evidence exists to support such theory? If the evidence...

The Partitioned Human Brain - Interview with Jason Martel

Interview with Jason Martell

Jason Martell is one of the world’s leading researchers specializing in ancient Sumerian advanced technology. His fifteen-year study is...

Interview with SuperConsciousness Chief Editor Jaime Leal Anaya

Within the modern spiritual movement it is not easy to find a book that deals with Catholic figures other than Jesus and even harder to see that...

Creating Your Destiny

Introduction to Fall 2008 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine

When circumstances force us to recognize that our journey in life has reached a dead end, something shifts in us and we often begin to question...

Interview with Kristen Renwick Monroe

There are many examples of everyday altruism, but some of the most outstanding arise from extremely tragic events in human history. Examining...