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10 Ways to Overcome Stress

10 Ways to Overcome Stress
It’s Not the End of the World, Developing Resilience in Times of Change

Excerpted from It’s Not the End of the World, with permission by Dr. Joan Borysenko, PhD, © Joan Borysenko, published by Hay House.

The world we once knew is in the process of dissolving and reforming… but it’s not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of a more just, compassionate, and cooperative era for our planet. Still, uncertainty is the order of the day, and we’re in for a prolonged – and intense – period of change.

Here are ten brief reminders that will help you weather the transition and create a more positive outcome for yourself and for future generations.

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1. Give up trying to change the past
– it’s history. Put 100 percent of your energy into creating a more skillful future.

2. Mobilize resilient thinking.
Incorporate these methods into your life:

  • Look reality in the eyes and accept what is.
  • Find valuable meaning in your situation.
  • Use whatever is at your disposal to improvise solutions.

3. Drop the victim mentality immediately.
Let go of grudges and regain your power.

4. Exercise regularly.
Stress shrinks your brain, but you can reverse that trend by committing to a moderate fitness program. Be absolutely religious about this!

5. Don’t just sit there – do something.
Optimistic realists take action, but wishful thinking is a dead-end street.

6. Don’t just do something – sit there.
Meditation reduces stress by eliciting the relaxation response, and it stimulates the right-brain thinking necessary to improvise your way to a better future.

7. Stay engaged with life.
Alienation and isolation breed stress and depression. If you’re depressed, get medical help immediately.

8. Reverse the flow.
Helping others shifts the spotlight off your own troubles and releases feel-good hormones that heal, inspire, and give meaning to life.

9. Think of one new thing at the end of each day to be grateful for.
Gratitude and other positive feelings enhance resiliency and help you become more expansive and compassionate.

10. Connect with a friend.
Practice the teachings in this book with a friend so you can support each other as you enact positive, life-affirming changes.

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