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All You Have to Do Is Ask and You Shall Receive – Really?

All You Have to Do Is Ask and You Shall Receive – Really?

News continue to make headlines around the world about the critical state of our economic system and its devastating threatening collapse in entire countries, such as we have seen in Europe, as well as America. Everyone can see that our current economic system may well be on the verge of collapse, globally. In addition to this, our planet is also in a critical state, fighting for its own well-being and survival, because of pervasive unsustainable economic practices and greed that disregard the balance of nature and fail to see that it is not an inanimate commodity but our very source of life! As the popular saying goes, “Something’s got to give,” but the vision of how we could change our systems to ensure and create a better future is not that all clear. Many groups, experts, visionaries and spiritual teachers agree that we are living in historic times of change and the emergence of a new consciousness that recognizes we are not isolated and in competition with each other but are, rather, all interconnected and an integral part of the harmony and balance of nature.

We have seen this common thread in many of the interviews this year published in our magazine. We ask, then, what would the future of our economic system be? What would it look like in the future, on the other side of change of human consciousness and our planet? It would probably not be based on competition and personal gain without consequence, but collaboration, and would recognize the inherent value and interconnectivity of all peoples between each other and the earth. Could it be possible to create an economic system that has such a different understanding of real value that money becomes secondary and, eventually, irrelevant? You may find it hard to believe but these ideas are already being explored and practiced today, not in our distant future. An example of this is the work of George Kaponay, and his family, creator of EnergeticXChange. SuperConsciousness had the opportunity to speak with him about his ideas and what he believes is a way in which to actively participate in the law that says, “The universe will provide.” All you have to do is ask and you shall receive — Really? Read what George shared with us about his journey and vision and how it has impacted his life and family.

SuperConsciousness: Can you tell us about your background and what led you to create EnergeticXChange?

George Kaponay: For many years I was in the IT industry, and I was in one of those high powered jobs which always demanded a great deal of your time and energy and your life, really. Most of my colleagues who I worked with are still doing the very same thing. It was roughly five years ago that, with my wife, came to the realization that the lifestyle that we were leading was very unsustainable. It wasn’t just from an economic perspective but from our true happiness perspective. From there, we decided to make a very big change for us, coming from a background where parents and relatives all believe that to have security in life you have to have a house behind you and an investment property and then this, that and the other. We felt these things, and what we had to do to maintain this thought of an ideal life, were very unhealthy, not only for our physical well-being but also our family’s well-being, and our spiritual well-being. At that point, we decided to sell our mortgage, get rid of our house. And from there, things took us along a course of our intended way.

We got rid of the house, and we did it so we would have more flexibility in what we were thinking that we might want to do. We didn’t really know what we wanted to do but shortly after that, I was working for a very large US based software company and I was their top sales person. One day they just called me into the office and said, “Look, we’ve got to let you go.” That was an even greater blessing in disguise because it gave us a moment to breathe, really breath, and take in what we were thinking that we might like to do. Again, we still didn’t know, but upon my wife Bobi’s suggestion, we decided that we would go to Japan. In Kyoto, which is the spiritual capital of Japan, we had an experience that really led us to the point where we’re now, the point where we dedicated ourselves to doing things that were in service to humankind.

We walked into a crystal shop and experienced some energies from crystals where we had never worked with crystals before. After a very tiring day, a wearing day, we walked in, just saw this shop out of the corner of our eyes, and immediately we felt these energies. After about ten minutes of being in that shop, we felt very energized and it was an incredible experience. We looked at each other and said, “Okay, we’re prepared to listen. We’ll do what’s required of us to basically do the things that are called by our hearts and directed by our hearts and the energies of love that drive that heart.”

From the moment that we got back from Japan, within three months we had come together with all of the source materials for a workshop that we started doing which was about a scientific balance of our well-being, our lifestyle, how we as human physical beings interact physically also with crystals. We balanced the science with the metaphysics. For about a year and a half, we ran these workshops with great success up and down the east coast of Australia. The things that we learned, the encounters that we had, the people that we met really overwhelmingly told us that we had to stop doing workshops in a small manner and start to get a message out there as to how people can very simply and easily connect with the things that are authentic within their lives, how they can listen to their hearts and have a deeper connection to the earth and to every living being on the earth, especially, their fellow human beings. It was at that point when we came to the conclusion that we would stop doing the workshops and the next phase of that was a message that was “seeded” to us, called the Crystal Heart Energy Grid. And that is about a grid of consciousness energy that is embodied in the earth through the crystals in the earth and how we, as liquid crystal beings, interact, resonate and broadcast these energies and information that have a transformative effect on us. We were in the process of developing this website that was also going to be a social gathering point, a social interactive network much like a Facebook for people participating in the activation of this grid.

It was at that point, when we were developing the Web site, that one day this idea of EnergeticXChange was seeded to us. It was one morning when we woke up that basically we started talking about it and we didn’t come up with it, the idea presented itself to us. We realized that for every single need on the planet, and there’s seven billion of us out there, there has to be a corresponding offering ready, willing and waiting to meet that need. That was presented to us as the Law of Energetic Exchange.

My background in the IT industry really did serve me well for this purpose. Although I was in the sales area, I understood the technical background to how things are brought together. And for that working model, it came to me that we could build an interactive website where people could input their needs and input their offerings and each offering and each need would be equally matched with its owner, and in the process, coming and bringing all people together in this form of energetic exchange. So that’s sort of the long version of it but it was a journey that took us really four and a half, five years to arrive here, and every single step was a step that was naturally taken without pain and with a constant growing, listening to our hearts.

SC: It’s fascinating how you wanted to change and wanted things to change but didn’t really know which direction to go and as soon as you made the first move everything started to flow and fall into place.

GK: We are from Melbourne, Australia and we realize that there are many, many visionaries and people working with these energies in Australia doing some very innovative, wonderful things. But, to this very day, the tyranny of distance still plays a major role and dampens and quiets those voices that are actually trying to bring a harmonious balance to all living beings on the planet. From that perspective, we also felt, or were really called, that this message had to come to North America first. We were thinking of going via Eurasia first and to some of the Third World countries, but one morning we woke up and were inspired to come to North America because there are many people here ready to willingly participate in their own, for lack of a better word, salvation. Not in a religious sense of salvation but that they’re ready to embrace the fact that they can change the way things are in their lives even if they don’t particularly know what the first step is at the moment. That’s why we felt we would get the voice, the energy behind the project that we really needed because we feel that this is a global project. And, in fact, we have dedicated this in service to all humankind. It’s a non-for-profit project. We’ve invested everything we’ve earned into this project, getting out there, and that’s why we would like it to gather a momentous voice here in North America that then carries and helps to bring this energy and frequency all around the world. The energy and frequency of giving is one and the same as the frequency of receiving.

We realized that for every single need on the planet, and there’s seven billion of us out there, there has to be a corresponding offering ready, willing and waiting to meet that need. That was presented to us as the Law of Energetic Exchange

SC: Is EnergeticXChange the idea that the universe will provide, that the universe is ready to meet our needs if we’re open to receive but, basically, you are taking action and helping out that natural order of the universe?

GK: I’ve never thought of it that way, actually, but it’s one way of possibly describing it. There are two things I might add to that. Firstly, yes, it’s a practical way in which we can connect these energies of giving. It’s not just the universal energy of giving but a human energy of giving because we as humans play a critical role in the manifestation of these energies. One example is that EnergeticXChange is a very practical way in which people can take steps to providing each other’s needs.

If we take the thought that for every person out there, there is another person ready, willing and waiting to meet their need or there’s someone also out there ready, willing and waiting to make an offering for somebody who’s in need, then what we’ve actually done here — apart from “the universe will always provide” — is that we’ve actually come to the realization that every single human being is of equal importance and equal value. What we are now saying is that the Law of Energetic Exchange states that for every offering there’s a need and for every need there’s an offering. Even the smallest offering that you have, then, is going to meet a need, a valid need and, therefore, the person who receives that offering, they’re not going to say to the person, “Wow, what a small offering you’ve given me.” They’re going to say, “Wow, thank you! My need is met.”

In one respect, this is a new economic paradigm because what we are doing is we’re saying through participation in these small, simple and easy practical steps — by inputting our offerings and inputting our needs — when they’re matched, we’re harnessing our human energies and revaluing everything that we have to offer. In that respect, what we do in today’s society is say, “Oh, this is what I’ve got to offer,” and this society basically says, “Okay, that’s worth anywhere from $5.99 to $10,000 an hour, right? What we’ve done with EnergeticXChange is we’ve provided a practical way in which we can do away with that evaluation of human value because in a world where there’s an offering for every need, every offering and every need now become of equal value.

This is a new economic paradigm and a very practical way in which people can and will have their needs met and can and will have their offerings accepted. The second underlying principle to that is this is a very simple way in which we can change the way in which we live. When you say to people the universe will provide, many people have open hearts and they understand how that will work. But many people would look at that and say, “That’s a little bit New Age and “out there” for me. I’m not ready to accept that”. What we’re saying with EnergeticXChange is that, yes, the universe is willing to provide for us but we have to be willing to provide for ourselves and here is a most practical way in which we can participate in that.

Here we’ve created a system which can be used by everybody around the world, without exception, and also, we can take this system that’s on the internet and implement it into communities without even the need for an internet. My second point is that, effectively, this is really about the human connection because when somebody’s needs are met, what this system does is bring people together and, most often, people who have never met before. What we’re starting to see, and we’ve only really started this journey, is that with a few energetic exchanges that we’ve already had, the most extraordinary forms of connection are bringing people together and even seeing third party connections branch off from this human connection of energies being exchanged. That’s why that word, EnergeticXChange, presented itself to us as the name for this because it is truly an exchange of energy between the human connection and a complete revaluing of humankind. All we need to do for the universe to provide is for us to participate. What my wife, Bobi, and I need to say to communities is that we all have something to offer. And every single offering that we have is equally valuable to everybody else’s offering and they will meet its intended need.

In one respect, this is a new economic paradigm because what we are doing is we’re saying through participation in these small, simple and easy practical steps we’re harnessing our human energies and revaluing everything

SC: So this is different from bartering and is different from the current economic system where the value is placed on the service or the thing itself. Is the main objective here connecting people and recognizing the value of the person rather than the value of material things?

GK: Absolutely, because that’s the key, that’s the spark to our complete salvation and understanding of the human experience. And that approach starts to transcend all of the barriers that we have created in the societies and structures that we’ve made because what we have done is we have completely devalued the human experience. On top of that, we’ve put structures in place that say, “If you only have this sort of qualification, you can only do that. If you belong to this country, you can only like that. If you’re in this community, you can only do this.” And what that has done is not only devalue the potential of the entire human experience but has completely limited our capacity to think that we could ever completely have this understanding of the complete picture of the human experience. And that is never limited by socioeconomic boundaries or sociopolitical economic boundaries.

When we do start to come together in those connections, we really start to see the value of every single human being. Then we start to realize that every single human being needs to be supported and needs to be valued because that person one day is going to be another human being’s provider, savior. And another person is going to be that person’s provider and helper. This is how we can realize a world in which all needs are always met.

Yes, the universe is willing to provide for us but we have to be willing to provide for ourselves

I’m not talking about some utopian esoteric concept that requires some sort of classification or ism against it. I’m talking about something that through actual participation, I mean, getting up off our bottoms and using this simple, practical tool, is something that we can actually achieve this time. We can actually achieve it without involvement, direction or formation from our governments, or any other institution. This is a way in which we can realize the true human experience. Once we get to the point where, firstly, we have to have faith that our needs will be met and then a bit of trust, we’ll eventually travel that path along to belief and, finally, we’ll live in the knowledge that wherever we go, all our needs can and always will be met. At that point, we will really start to harness the greatest potential of the human experience because we will all start to feel equally valued because so many people at this point really feel that they have nothing to offer because the system we’ve created has a structured path where somebody is always worth more or they’re worth less. If you say it another way — they’re worthless — that immediately carries an energy that overwhelms people and has done for, in some communities, from generation to generation. This is where we’re saying that EnergeticXChange, with people participating, can actually change this or be a transitional step towards us realizing this greatest human potential.

SC: How do you see the monetary system fits into all of this?

GK: The monetary system. I went to university but I never really studied economics or any of those things. What I understand about the monetary system is very little. But you don’t have to be the head of the Federal Reserve to really understand that the current monetary system is in trouble and, potentially, may even be on the verge of collapse. But even if it isn’t, I feel EnergeticXChange is a transitional step for us to be able to start to act and think as a global community, in a way in which we can start to transcend the boundaries we have perceived that limit us in terms of countries, states, counties, cities so we can start to see the greater connection between us and how we can actually get to the other side.

I will admit this is our greatest challenge in getting the EnergeticXChange message out there. People who are currently working and in a job, even if they’re very dissatisfied with their lives and the way in which they’re living, whenever we’ve talked to most people about EnergeticXChange, we get that wonderful, overwhelming response saying this is a fantastic idea and wish us all the very best. But the people who are working still feel that this is an idea that might be associated to people who need charity and that they don’t need to use this. That’s what we want to change.

This is really about the human connection because when somebody’s needs are met, what this system does is it brings people together

We want to get the message out there that even if you’re alright now in a job and if everything’s okay and you’re happy doing what you’re doing, this is still a system that we have to start getting involved in at the grassroots level for it to really take effect and make a real difference in our life. What we’re saying to those people is that through participation in EnergeticXChange you will see some dramatic changes in your perception of how your needs can be met. Even if you say, “Hey, that’s a great idea, but I don’t have any needs,” there are so many things then that you can offer. What we want people to understand is the difference between the monetary system and the EnergeticXChange form of doing things. Once you start participating in this, you start realizing the energies of giving are one and the same as the energies of receiving and, in turn, they are your own reward. When you give, you are actually giving to yourself and you will receive an uplifting form of energy which we’re always getting reports from completed exchanges that go beyond any form of security you can feel sitting in between your four walls or knowing that the bills are going to be paid next month. That’s what we’re trying to get across in that message, that participation in EnergeticXChange is really critical and crucial for us to have a balanced and wonderful experience.

We’re constantly seeing the broadcast of fear and broadcast from our media that everything’s going to collapse in a heap. Lately, they are even showing scenarios where the electricity shuts down and everybody goes back to bows and arrows. It does not need to be a disastrous view of anything around us because, in essence, everything that we need is always within us. And together, participating in EnergeticXChange, we can always meet all of our needs.

All we need to do for the universe to provide is for us to participate

SC: Do you see this is a transitional point but that eventually we could survive and meet all our needs in an exchange manner rather than through the use of a monetary exchange?

GK: I would say why not? Maybe many people would call me nuts and might say that’s not possible, but I would say, “Why not? Think about it. There are seven billion of us on this planet and once we really remove the perceived barriers we have placed up in our governments and our systems and institutions that separate us, we can actually see real human potential and start seeing our needs are being met. Potentially, that will free us up to do things that are really meaningful in our life and contribute to this whole system of energetic exchange in a much more efficient and fruitful manner than the current system allows us to do.

I don’t have a crystal ball of vision for that but I certainly feel that the images that uplift people from the completed exchanges of things start to create a different perspective and show that other things are possible. That’s what EnergeticXChange is. It is a very practical way of showing us that other things are possible. Do I think it’s going to replace the monetary system? I can’t answer that truly in my heart, but I know that if we start to participate, it will give us a different perspective. When we look at something from a different perspective, we always see other avenues, different options and potentially better ones.

When we do start to come together in those connections, we really start to see the value of every single human being

SC: Just as the program promotes recognizing the value of each human being and the value of the human exchange that can happen through collaboration, for this vision to work, it seems clear that you need people to be honorable in their participation as well. How are you dealing with the Web site where people post their needs and offerings so that no one takes advantage of anyone?

GK: I can only speak from the practical examples that we’ve experienced over the last six months. What we’ve done, and this might surprise your readers, is we’ve actually said, “Listen, if you want to place a need, you have to place an offering. So that balances out the equation of the energetic exchange. But if you ask me how many needs to offerings there are currently in the system, there are six times as many offerings as there are needs. This is the reinforcing fact that I know exists in the heart of every human being. There will be more than plenty for us to offer and those people who really need to try and test this system may even get their needs met by a greater force of giving that really exists in all humankind. And this is only from the smallest cross-section now and I know this is going to exponentially expand itself once we get participation really ramped up there. That’s what we’re doing here in the U.S. We want people to see what a great idea this is and then go to the Web site and register, very simply, and put in their first offering and their first need.

But let’s explore the question a little deeper. Firstly, a person who would be offering a car, for example, would be offering it and willing to give that completely from the goodness of their heart in the intention that it is going to meet the person’s need that they give it to. Secondly, say three people put in that they need a car. The person who offers the car in the system will get three different people’s needs presented to them. And the system allows for each one of those persons to explain why they particularly need that car. The person offering has the final say, from their heart, who they will offer that car to. Once they’ve offered and given that car, their part of the exchange is complete in the intended manner in which it was intended to go through.

If the person who may have put in the need does something different or alternative to what they said to the person giving, this is obviously something we cannot control. When you think of it, it is a process where all people who are feeling lack may have to go through to understand what it is that they really need in life and how their needs can really be met. I have full confidence in the balance of energetic exchange, because the Law of Energetic Exchange is a universal law. It carries with it a universal balance. That’s why people are saying this is such a great idea and it can work because they look beyond just the explanation of how it works and they can feel the energy and the underlying balance behind the concept of the Law of Energetic Exchange.

I’m not talking about some utopian esoteric concept that requires some sort of classification or ism against it. I’m talking about something that through actual participation we can actually achieve this time

In that circumstance or situation, everything will balance itself out. If that person who needed the car, then sells that car and abuses the energetic exchange, they will eventually come to the realization of what that is. And with many people participating in EnergeticXChange, they’ll come to the realization, also, that their needs will always be met so that they don’t have to do that. They don’t have to sell things because when they’re in need, if we’re all participating in this, the need will be met so people won’t have to abuse any system.

In our short experience we have seen probably the one hundred and eighty degree opposite of this. I know that when lots of people are using it, we might see other examples, but right now we are seeing the most personal examples of connection between the people who have had their needs and offerings met, which completely gives me the confidence that this example of abusing the program will be the smallest minority in terms of the utilization of the system.

SC: Do you believe humanity is capable and ready for something like this right now?

GK: I think that’s the reason why I recalled this idea and I was also in the IT industry, because I had the connections and the ability to have this site built and created, which, I might add to that, my wife and I funded completely with the assistance of some of our closest supporters. We’ve invested everything. We believe that people are ready for this so much that we’ve invested everything that we own. We have literally nothing left, just this RV that I’m sitting in, maybe a couple computers, the clothes on our back and the food in the fridge. That’s how much we believe in the concept of EnergeticXChange. We’re living in the knowledge that our needs will always be met wherever we’re going. And I do believe that humankind is ready for this.

At this point, also, we have actually asked for some support because we’ve just launched a crowd funding or a crowd sourcing campaign to basically help us continue this journey, have more web development done on the concept that could actually have needs and offerings made in real time through mobile applications, and for us to be able to take this message to broader communities all around the world and to have it put out there in the mainstream media as well in some of the mainstream areas. Visit our crowd funding link on our Web site to find out more about this if you are interested.

Potentially, that will free us up to do things that are really meaningful in our life and contribute to this whole system of energetic exchange in a much more efficient and fruitful manner than the current system allows us to do

SC: What would you say is the greatest obstacle that is preventing this vision from being a reality today?

GK: I would say, without exception, fear in the hearts of humankind. I would say let us not have our minds be ruled by fear. Let us hear the voice of our hearts. Our hearts speak the true universal language of love. It’s a language that’s understood and completely appreciated all around the planet by every living human being. The greatest challenge to something like EnergeticXChange being fully realized is the fear of our needs never being met or our belief that the only way that our needs can be met is that we continue to sell ourselves into a form of economic servitude. I would ask people, really, to understand that, to give this a go, to have faith and faith will then show that there is trust once their first need is met or their first offering is delivered. And trust will then take them to belief when it has happened multiple times. They will eventually reach the end of the process where they will live in knowledge that their needs will always be met.

Let us not give into the voices of fear that the only way that our needs can ever be met is to keep doing the same things that we have always done. There’s an old world paradigm and one of those little salesy things they put in your head every time we did a sales training that says, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” It’s an old cliché but it is so true, that if we do not listen to our hearts, if we do not try something different, then we can never expect things to change. What we have done here is offered a practical easy way for us to experience change that doesn’t require pain, doesn’t require radical movements, violence; it only requires our participation, energy and intentions, that things will be good, our intentions of love.


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