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Celebrating Louise Hay!

Celebrating Louise Hay!

I’ve reached an age now where I’m often perceived or referred to as being “wise.” This amuses me tremendously, because I go through life just doing the best I can, meanwhile bumping into the furniture and forgetting my keys like everybody else.

My grandmother, one of the truly wise people I’ve ever known, said that if any of us achieve greatness in our lives, it’s because we stand on the shoulders of giants. So, I will be the first to tell you that most of my wisdom came from other people. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have many great teachers and mentors in my life. And among the very greatest of them…

I cherish Louise Hay.

You see, it was Louise who opened my eyes to the power of positive thinking more than 30 years ago. She showed me how changing your thoughts can literally change your life, and that through consistent repetition of positive thought patterns (affirmations), you can make positive improvements in every part of your life, from health to self-esteem to love, success, weight loss and so much more.

Louise is one of the greatest forces for positive change in the world. She is a gift to humanity, and her ingenious new Affirmation Meditations app may be her ultimate gift to us, helping us transform our thoughts and lives like never before. 

On the occasion of celebrating Louise’s 87th birthday recently, I offered the following toast to this remarkable woman who has helped so many people change their lives:

“Louise, all of us in the worlds of healing, transformation and positive social change send you a huge thank-you for showing us how powerful affirmations can be! Dear Louise, as one who would not be here without the kind of positive thinking you teach, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the deep inner wellspring of love and happiness you helped me discover. I know I speak for millions when I say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the great gift you’ve given all of us throughout your lifetime. And may your new app help billions more people discover their unique ability to use the organic gift of love to make miracles in the real world.'”

Unleash your full potential for love, health, success and self-esteem with this revolutionary new app from best-selling author Louise L. Hay.

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