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The Greenhouse Effect is Not Always a Bad Thing

The Greenhouse Effect is Not Always a Bad Thing

Throughout the northern hemisphere, the beginning of the spring season marks the time to plant our gardens. Yet in many regions the weather can still be quite cold and harm or kill our starts if we don’t protect them from the midnight frost. Some people plant their seeds in small trays and keep them inside the house until it’s time to transplant them outside, but this usually takes up space in the kitchen or studio and requires special care in order not to make a mess, especially when watering. If your house only has a patio or the garden is too small and you don’t want the kids to ruin your harvest while playing with the dog, finding a place to transplant those starts also becomes an issue.

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A simple solution for all of us who want to be able to eat our homegrown fresh salads or enjoy the scents and colors of flowers during the summer is to get a greenhouse. Having a greenhouse also allows you to extend your growing season into the fall and protect other plants during the winter.

Before you decide which greenhouse you want, you should decide how many plants you want to grow, taking into consideration the available space that you have (make sure that the location you have chosen will get enough sun exposure) and the amount of time you are willing to put into taking care of them.

Here we feature three different types of greenhouses to give you an idea of the different options that exist. However there are literaly hundreds of different models to chose from whose prices vary mainly according to size and the construction materials.

Flowerhouse SeedHouse Jr. Greenhouse – FHSD110

• Two large zippered windows for easy access
• Two screened vents for optimum ventilation and pest
• Weatherproof and UV resistant Gro-Tec polyethylene
material with rip stop protection
• Compact and lightweight
• Sets up easily on soil or hard surface
• Two portholes for hose and power cord access
• Shade cover, ground stakes, and carry pack
• Dimensions: 26”H x 30”W x 30”D

Jewett Cameron – Weatherguard Deck and Patio Greenhouse

• Comes with cover, door, and end panel
• Convenient three-piece construction with detachable front
and rear panels
• 100 percent commercial grade galvanized steel frame and
• Rugged triple-layer waterproof, UV protective polyethylene
cover, back, and door panel
• Two front panel screen windows and one large back panel
screen window
• Reinforced triple ridge roof allows growing enthusiasts
to hang their heaviest basket plants from the roof frame
without sagging
• Overall dimensions: 6’6” H x 4’ W x 8’ D

Juliana Mini Lean-to Model 3 Greenhouse Kit – Mini3ST

This greenhouse is a great purchase for people who have
limited garden space or for those who just want to grow a few
plants. These greenhouses are designed to be mounted on
an existing wall, garage or shed. The polycarbonate panels
and aluminum frame make a strong and clean design and are
built to withstand all weather conditions. Four mm twin-wall
polycarbonate panels are unbreakable and provide effective
insulation. Panels diffuse the light so your plants are protected
from the “hot spots” associated with glass greenhouses and
are also protected by a UV coating to prevent discoloration.
Features include a single sliding door and a roof vent to provide
extra ventilation.

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