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What Being Psychic Means

What Being Psychic Means

The word psychic tends to be a scary, emotionally loaded word, and no one wants to be associated with it, even those who make a living by exploring the depths of their mind to access information beyond the five senses. Instead of psychic, many choose words with similar meaning, but without the emotional baggage: Intuition, perception, clairvoyant, or even prescient.

SuperConsciousness explored common resources to examine the meanings of these words, so as to replace those subconscious, knee-jerk reactions with knowledge and understanding.

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What Being Psychic Means - Accessing Future Information

The word psychic has Greek heritage and arises from the word psyche: “The concept of self that encompasses our understanding of soul, spirit, and mind.” By extension, the word psychic simply means, “pertaining to the human soul, or mind, outside of scientific knowledge.” It can additionally include “mental phenomenon as opposed to physical phenomenon.”

Thousands of years ago, the Greeks coined a word that described the invisible actions of the soul or the mind that was somehow perceivable to them, but was beyond physically tangible experience. Nowhere in the Greek understanding of psyche or psychic are there any implications of trickery, delusion, or magical theatrics. In fact, the Greek’s appreciation of mental knowing was held in the highest of esteem, from the prophetic abilities of the Pythia priestesses to the Delphic Oracle who was recognnized as “connected with the divine.”

If the root understanding of psychic holds divine implications, do the words prescience and precognitive also possess supernatural meanings? The answer is: not necessarily.

What Being Psychic Means - Accessing Future Information

Precognition literally means “acquiring knowledge before,” which implies the acquisition of information about the future from sources beyond the senses, or ESP (extrasensory perception). On the other hand prescience, though often used interchangeably with precognition, is not defined or associated with extrasensory perception. Prescience actually suggests divine or mystical sources. What is interesting about this contemporary distinction is that the Greeks held psychic ability as divine, but our modern definitions do not.

It becomes easy to understand why there currently exists a visceral repulsion to the concept of psychic. If the concept’s affiliation is not divine, then subconsciously that must mean it is evil, even though the actual source of the word psychic was divinely inspired.

By pulling back the veil of our ignorance and looking directly into the eyes of those things that seemingly scare us, we can choose to boldly create and engage the future with knowledge and wisdom, and expand our awareness into time, distance, and space.

Read, study, contemplate and choose for yourself what the word psychic means for you!

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